None but the Brave

It was a bit lonely standing at Union Corner. I’m not often first there and today it looked like I would be the only one. But Phil1 arrived shortly before the appointed time, as did the rain. This was more than the two raindrops suggested by Mystic Meg. Now, it appears that since I began my new career as Social Influencer, promoting items available from Evans Cycles, the profitability of said Company appears to have taken a nose-dive and it […] Read More

So little happened I forgot to post it!

A wintery weather forecast is enough to sort the men from the boys and girls. In my Night Vision jacket, also available in blue, I was, at times, too hot. The traffic was queuing back as far as the Church Field so I only just managed to get to Union Corner by 8.50am. Adrian and Phil1 were already there and as soon as Ian arrived we were glad to get moving. A good manly turn out at the other place […] Read More

Aero Session

We’re talking ‘Marginal gains’ here, but its the difference that makes a difference. Last week Robin attended the Boardman Performance Centre to explore their Aerodynamics services; wind tunnel to you and me. The Chris Boardman Performance Centre (for old codgers?) Gill’s ears don’t exactly prick up when I mention aerodynamic drag – but at least she doesn’t roll her eyes. I tell her that I’m thinking of going to the Chris Boardman wind tunnel in Evesham to be aero tested by […] Read More

A Hilly Pathfinder around the valleys of the River Fowey

A bright and sunny day beckoned as I drove to Lanivet to meet five other regular FW pathfinders. How the weather has changed though for the shorts we’ve been wearing since the Spring disappeared and were replaced by several layers to keep out the cold wind. We cycled just 6.5 miles to meet the others at the start from Luxulyan but, after several steep and long hills, I could see we would be needing our climbing legs! Soon after we […] Read More


I turned up once again for the 9.30 slightly later than OGIL Ride: Wednesday mornings are not usually when I can be out on the bike. The usual suspects were at Union Corner and where we were going was agreed – Smokey Joe’s on the old A30 between Scorrier and Blackwater. We set off on the usual route through Lamanva and up to Halvasso and then past Crane Garage to the top of the first Carnkie. It was right here […] Read More

A Canter round West Cornwall

The fog cleared as Richard and I drove over to Wall Hall on Sunday, which was a relief as we had unfinished business with the Celtic Canter, the 60k Audax from Wall, near Carnell Green.  Last year’s event was hit by hail and heavy rain, and before we’d reached half way we were soaked, cold and fed up.  So we stopped to warm up at the café at Lelant Garden Centre and didn’t finish. This year was quite different – […] Read More

I’ve never seen anything like it!

Simon’s text, to say that he needed to take his car to Penstraze, and could we head that way to meet up, was an opportunity to find somewhere new for the OGIL ride. There are countless cafes, and even more routes to get to them, to the North or West of Union Corner but few that we have found that head in a more easterly direction and fit the Wednesday morning criteria- mainly centered around the word “morning”. A Google […] Read More