Turned out nice again.

Another fine day, I can’t help but think we are going to pay for it later. Common sense said that it would not be warm enough for shorts in mid October. I decided on tights under shorts; I was too warm. Sheila joined Kath, Phil1 and myself at Union Corner and as soon as Ian arrived we were off, to meet with Phil3, Mike2 and virgin OGILler, John. John is from somewhere the other side of the border, can’t quite […] Read More

Bike aHoy? Jumping ship.

For an attempt at the hour record it is essential to have a spare bike. Track time is expensive and the clock doesn’t stop ticking if you have a puncture or a mechanical. It may be possible to effect a repair or change a wheel but you will need a spare bike whilst this is being done – and lose over a lap, 250mts, in the process! I needed to get my spare bike sorted now rather than leave it […] Read More

Seven weeks to go.

Thursday 4th October It’s now only seven weeks to go before my attempt – though more importantly it’s only three weeks to go before the trial run on the 25th Oct when I’ve hired the Velodrome for an hour and the first time I will have ridden for more than ten minutes at the speed I need to maintain for the record!! Head coach Garrie has told me that I really need to get 40 minutes under my belt. Apparently […] Read More

Is this the real life

Well into October and still shorts weather. This can only mean “it’s a Poldhu day”. Kath had been up early to put the washing out, and was already at Union Corner, with Phil, when I arrived; Ian wasn’t far behind. Fred, Simon, Phil(3), and Mike(2) were at the other place. I think it was Fred who suggested Poldhu; a south-easterly wind would blow us there. Ian, on his single speed, raised no objection, though the route would be a little […] Read More

Postponed Pedal and Puff

The Pedal and Puff event that was to take place on October 20th has been postponed due to the roadworks along Bickland Water Road. Once the area is clear and up and running as normal the event will be re-scheduled.

Shades of Grey

I was going to start by saying that it was an all male turn out for this weeks OGIL ride, but you have to choose your words more carefully these days. Suffice to say none of the usual female Wheelers were amongst the two who joined me at Union Corner, or the six assembled at the other place. It was a cool, greyish, start to the day but I am sure this had nothing to do with it. Andrew wasn’t […] Read More

Atlantic Blue

There were more Wheelers on this week’s OGIL ride than I could count on my fingers and, with comings and goings amongst the ladies it has challenged my memory powers to name them all at this late date. Phil, Kath, Ian and the A&E joined me at Union Corner, although the ladies didn’t stop at Halvasso turn. However, Sheila, Fred, Simon, Phil3, Trevor and Keith were already there and Jan was to join us at Longdowns. The destination was prearranged, […] Read More

Just one hour 

I’ve now been a member of Falmouth Wheelers for just over nine years and it’s been interesting watching the club evolve during this time. We’re a social cycling club with a full calendar of mixed events. We have monthly Pathfinder rides from starting points around the county and we encourage all members (and friends) to turn out for these – they’re always short rides with a long lunch! We also have trips abroad, quiz’s, raffles, film nights and parties. And […] Read More

September Pathfinder Report

I wasn’t able to go on the previous pathfinder to the Roseland so after doing a reccy a couple of weeks ago in beautiful weather I was really looking forward to last week’s Pathfinder.  We were certainly not disappointed and with a total of 23 riders there were others also looking forward to the trip across the water. We met as planned at Trelissick gardens for the first of our coffee stops and then it was down the hill to […] Read More