September Pathfinder Report

I wasn’t able to go on the previous pathfinder to the Roseland so after doing a reccy a couple of weeks ago in beautiful weather I was really looking forward to last week’s Pathfinder.  We were certainly not disappointed and with a total of 23 riders there were others also looking forward to the trip across the water. We met as planned at Trelissick gardens for the first of our coffee stops and then it was down the hill to […] Read More

“MIZ-MAL” – The Ireland End–to–End…19th – 25th August 2018

I first heard about the above tour from a friend Anne who was on the LeJog trip last year – The tour started from Mizen Head – the most south-westerly point in Ireland to the finish at Malin Head – the most northerly point, a  distance of 570 miles over 6.5 days – average 87 miles per day along Ireland’s spectacular Atlantic Coast. It was organised by Paul Kennedy of Wild Atlantic Cycling Tours based in Belfast. Mattie and Stuart […] Read More


Two ride reports for the price of one today. With gusty winds and the likelihood of rain I needed my jacket* this morning, but it was too warm once outside, so off came the top layer, back on went the jacket, and off I went to Union Corner. It was whilst waiting for the others that I realised that I should really have kept the top on. Not that I was cold, but my money was in the pocket. Just […] Read More

Hill Climb Results

Hill Climb 12th September The promise of everyone’s a winner on the website brought out a huge number of Wheelers to Weir Hill – or it may have been the promise of Hilary’s tasty sausage rolls. Some 17 riders faced the challenge of the hill – a record turnout for the annual event. Sparky bikes made their electrifying debut this year. The evening was warm and the lane quiet. No traffic interfered with us for a change. The Wheelers banner […] Read More

Are you dancing? … are you asking?

I could have almost believed that it was either Tuesday or Thursday. No one waiting at Union Corner and no sign of anyone else as I approached the other place. However, Fred and Mike were hiding near the gate and not visible until I got there. Looked like there was only going to be the three of us, until Emma turned up a few moments later. Still, no argument about where to head for. It was a damp cold start […] Read More

OGILing in September

It is now officially autumn, and Rob will be posting the number of shopping days to Christmas before long. Amanda is already organising the Christmas Party. But Nature doesn’t work like that. It was a bit cooler first thing but by the time we had reached Halvasso turn both the day and the riders had warmed up considerably. Raymondo, aka White Tide man, was already at Union Corner and we were soon joined by Ian and Amanda, and a while […] Read More


It seemed that I was the only Wheeler going to watch the race when it was in Devon.  The weather forecast wasn’t that bad, but there you go.  I travelled up to Barnstaple on the train via Exeter, arriving at about 11.30.  I headed along the fairly flat roads to Braunton, aiming eventually for Challacombe Hill above Woolacombe Bay.  In Braunton it started raining, the local signposting wasn’t that helpful and nobody there had heard of Challacombe Hill! Finally at a garage someone had heard […] Read More

Not a lot know that

The fact that Hootie and the Blowfish sold 21 million copies of their album, Cracked Rear View, placing it as number nine in the list of top selling Albums, EVER, would have been just one of the multitude of things you would have learned if you had joined us to today, the last OGIL ride in August 2018. It was a little cooler when I woke and donned two layers, but glancing out of the window it looked wet and […] Read More