OGIL didn’t stop at Nancegollan Wednesday

Helston Boating lake is always a good choice for an OGIL, or Sunday morning ride, so the were no objections from me to Fred’s suggestion this week. The fact that I had been there half a dozen times in less than an equal number of weeks was no problem to me. And, as opposed to going out via Gweek and Trelowarren, we headed up Halvasso across to Goldsithney and out to Rinsey Head for the long sweep down into Porthleven. […] Read More

You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road.

Just how Phil1 managed to complete the ride to the Jam Pot Café and back with a total elevation 800 foot less than Andrew and me, is as yet to be deduced, but it could explain why he’s usually faster than me. Not that he appeared to be any faster than Ian, Kath and myself as we rode over to the other place, to meet up with Fred, Mike2, Andrew and TD. It was TD’s first ride back with the […] Read More

Off Roading at Lanhydrock and Cardinham Woods. 19th August

Meet at Lanhydrock Cycle Hub Car Park – PL30 4AD – at 10.00 am. Bikes are available to hire from Lanhydrock cycle hub:- Cycle hire Our cycle hire has bikes for all ages and abilities and you can hire for a half or a full day. Helmets are free when hiring a bike. We are open every day 9.30am-5pm.  Last cycle hire at 3pm.  Booking in advance is essential during school holidays. Call 01208 265975 for more details or to […] Read More

Sunday 5th august Long ride

Several keen enthusiastic riders met at H.Q. I decided to join the long ride as it was such a luverly day. Eight of us set off via Budock church no man’s land lane etc. Well that is seven plus yours truly trying to keep up, by the time we had reached the top of Halvasso I began to think I had stumbled across the peleton of some manic tour I was unaware of, I enquired as to whether the pace […] Read More


Six of us turned up at Union Corner for the ‘Half Hour Late OGIL ride’; although that may not be a good name as I would not wish to offend the glamorous ladies present (bearing in mind I was almost an interloper)!  A better title could be ‘Young Ladies in Lycra’ – rearrange the letters and that would be Lilys plus two blokes – perhaps I should give up now before I dig myself in deeper?  The six were Don […] Read More

No, John, No, John, No, John, No

There was no John at Union Corner, no Kath (no excuse), no Mike, and no Richard; and at the other place there was no Paul, no Jan, and no Keith. After being one of only three who turned out on Sunday I was wondering whether actually cycling was loosing its attraction amongst club members. Ian, Phil1 and myself met up with Mike2 and Andrew at Argal crossroads, with Andrew’s bike turned turtle and the two of them attempting to change […] Read More

Ride London – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

What an amazing weekend! As you might gather from the title it didn’t all go to plan but it was a great experience. Me and Paul set off up the road from Cornwall at 6:00 a.m. on the Saturday morning. We had to get up there in good time so that Paul could get registered. It was a really clear drive up but we had a couple of complications. The rail strike on South West trains meant that Epsom station […] Read More

Ride London 2018

Just on the way home from doing the London ride..100 wet and windy miles..it didn’t stop raining until we reached Buckingham palace! An amazing experience though; closed roads and flat cycling as even the hills were nothing like Cornish hills! Took me longer than expected as there were two major incidents; one on Leith hill, cardiac arrest; and amother on Box hill , crash coming down in front of me; so hold ups for ambulances etc! They then closed both […] Read More

Obstacles? Ha! We laugh in the face of obstacles.

Obstacle number one. The Weather. Now, we are all familiar with a spot of weather in Cornwall. Mist makes the landscapes more dramatic. Wind gives the hills character. Rain makes the tea taste better. Agreed? So when the three of us (myself, Phil4 and Dean) turned up at HQ with our freshly dusted off rain jackets, we did wonder where the rest of the group were. Sensible people. Once we’d realised it was just us, we decided to go a […] Read More

You only regret not going

It was well past 9.10 by the time that everyone had lost interest in pointing out defects on Andrew’s bike, the one he was expecting to “Ride London” in about 5 days time. He must have doubted whether, in fact, he was going to make it all the way to Perranuthnoe, and back, before it completely gave up on him. Kath was a no show again, she had gone swimming, just something to note when she stands for re-election next […] Read More