Weekend Away in Lymington

I was going to see my Mum, who lives in Lymington, and knew that the forecast for  Sunday was going to be good so it seemed a shame not to be able to get out on the bike. So I used good old Social Media and contacted the Lymington Tuesday cycle group.  I had a lovely message back and we made arrangements to meet up at 10.00 at the Town Hall on Sunday. Paul and Mike were there when I […] Read More

Put another Nickel in

It seems that Wednesdays are now going to be wet, so better get used to it. Five of us did our best to become acclimatised this week. There was a lot of discussion on the OGIL WhatsApp group but I was the only one at Union Corner, although Phil1 caught me up before I had gone very far. Phil3, Paul and Mike2 were waiting at the other place. With each of us suitable clothed for the wet start it was […] Read More

Dry Toes at Smokey Joe’s

After receiving WhatsApp OGIL messages from Dean, Phil 1, Fred and Kath to say they weren’t riding today, I feared I might be on my own! So I was pleased to see Mike waiting at the other place and soon Keith arrived- we were three, just like last week, with Mike instead of Fred.A quick decision was made to go to Smokey Joe’s and we were off. It was a tad windy…. gusts of 40 to 60 mph apparently but […] Read More

64 miles to Marazion with the Fast Boys

A rousing cheer and enthusiastic clapping greeted Robin as he arrived at HQ after his recent record breaking attempt at the Newport Velodrome. After we settled down the assembled group split in two with one going to Marazion and the other to Roskilly’s. I joined the Fast Boys for a great ride to the Chapel Rock Cafe overlooking St Michael’s Mount. With wet roads but no rain the twelve of us- Robin, Ian, Danny, Phils 2 and 4, Amanda, Fred, […] Read More

O what a beautiful morning

Not quite a Poldhu day, with the wind blowing off the sea, but as near as damn it. Perranuthnoe seemed a good alternative, as it can usually accommodate the OGIL, though we need to be there before 11 when the breakfast menu finishes. Just Phil1, myself and new rider, Pete, at Union Corner but a goodly collection spilling out into the junction at the other place, discussing Mike2’s new Gore-tex jacket. My social influencing wasn’t working. Kath’s absence was noted; […] Read More

None but the Brave

It was a bit lonely standing at Union Corner. I’m not often first there and today it looked like I would be the only one. But Phil1 arrived shortly before the appointed time, as did the rain. This was more than the two raindrops suggested by Mystic Meg. Now, it appears that since I began my new career as Social Influencer, promoting items available from Evans Cycles, the profitability of said Company appears to have taken a nose-dive and it […] Read More