Round Objects, or not to be read before 9pm

Last week I was mildly chastised for reporting, verbatim, Paul’s opinion of Tao Tzu, and, as with certain “fine art” images on facebook, I had to place a couple of *s in sensitive places to escape the blue pencil, though this does rely on those who may be offended not being able to spell very well. This did upset me a little, but on a scale in a week that included 60 unarmed protestors shot dead in Gaza and news […] Read More

Ian would like me to remind you that he is organising Sunday’s Pathfinder ride.

“Who’s Lao Tzu?” asked Paul, pointing to a “saying” chalked on the wall above the counter. “Talks a load of b*****ks, who ever he is”, he concluded before I could ask Mystic Meg. Seems he was an ancient philosopher who founded Taoism; you know, “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step, etc.”. We were at the Beach Café in Porthtowan and our journey had started at Union Corner, as usual, but a little late as we […] Read More

Velodrome Trip 2018

With the culmination of the indoor spinning season behind us it was time for those fast acceleration and endurance training sessions to pay off on the track. This was I think the Wheelers’ sixth visit to the National Velodrome of Wales in Newport.  It is an excellent facility and one which we could do with nearer home. Wheelers Robin, Chris, Dean, Julian and Simon were joined by our fellow spinners Andy, Jeremy, Mike, Lee and Robin’s niece Natalia, who is […] Read More

The OGIL do not usually go to Poldhu in the middle of winter

Mystic Meg suggested a warm sunny morning with a shower about 1pm. An ideal time for our annual trip to the café at Loe Beach, and I sent out a not so subliminal message, through facebook. Kath rather liked the idea of a shower at 1pm but did not fancy sharing it with the rest of us, so a debate ensued at the other place. Perranuthnoe was suggested, and dismissed, although Poldhu was accepted, mainly because it as too cold […] Read More

Day 6

The Grand Tour. A fabulous day out, meeting with Ryan again, on our last full day of riding. The usual climb up to Lluc (the third time for the week…our Halvasso) was getting easier, A10k warm up! At the top, Ryan led on towards Soller and the gateway to the Col de Reis ( Sa Colabra) The Big One! 5.9 miles, 2191 ft of climb, average 7.1%. A proper challenge for the last day. The descent was spectacular, with deep […] Read More

Day 5

We’ve got a big day coming up on Thursday (Day 6) as Ryan will be joining us again to climb the iconic Sa Colabra. So we had to keep the options open on today’s ride and we headed to the lower plains in the middle of the island. Progress was good so we made for Bunyola and the extra loop of climbing that it involved for coffee and crossaints in the breeze (Amanda opted for the sunny monastery doorway) From […] Read More

½ Ironman, The Movie

Though the May was unmistakeably out it was a foolish move to start out without a long sleeve base layer. However, I was late, again, but this time not of my making, and the “temporary” traffic lights in Bicklandwater Road didn’t help. Kath had sent me the destination, Portreath, and being only 10 minutes behind there was a fair chance I could get there at the same time as the rest, by cutting a couple of corners. I had stopped […] Read More

Day 4

Once upon a time in a little town in Majorca; Pretty Polence, there was a lost tribe of Wheelers, 3 men and a “Token Women” washed up and wined out after 3 days of hectic training. Twas ‘eavenly, the heavens opened upon them and they suffered not to go out until the sun had risen above the yard arm; armless as it was, after 11is’s. The epic planned journey was parked for another day, they made a rush for the coast […] Read More