Truro Cycling Campaign display in Truro Cathedral 

Just a quick email to let you know that we have put up a Truro Cycling Campaign display (the one prepared for Truro Day) as part of the One World Week exhibition in Truro Cathedral.  The theme of the exhibition are the 17 UN sustainable development goals with our display under goal 11, sustainable cities and communities.  Next to this is the Co-cars car club banner and leaflets.  If you can’t do all of your journeys by cycling, walking or using public transport then you may want to join Co-cars car club which breaks the link between car useage and private car ownership….
Do take a look.  It’s generally a really good exhibition with displays including marine/plastics pollution, refill scheme, food banks, homelessness, transition movement and amnesty international.The exhibition is on at least until next Sunday, may be another week.
This might be of interest for any members visiting Truro this week.

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