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Hello. I have been tinkering with the website, mostly it will go un-noticed but there has been a fair bit done.

Firstly I have made a new Forum it is much like the old one but a bit simpler to use. Firstly there is now only one login. I understand that many people have struggled with the two accounts needed for the website. Now you only need one. Which is the one you would use to create or comment on posts on here. The old forum was under used so please feel free to post in the new one.

Theres also been some work on the server deleting files and folders which aren’t needed to hopefully speed up the site. I performed a back up before doing any of this so if you notice that anything is broken please let me know.

There is also now the ability to log in using your Facebook account. If your Facebook uses the same email address as you registered on here for then it remembers your old account. If it is a different email then it will class as a new account and therefore you won’t be able to publish new posts or see the members only forum until an administrator gives your account permission.

Finally I am in the process of updating the server to be “Secured” meaning that there shouldn’t be a warning at the top of the site saying “NOT SECURE” in the future. If this does show up then please make sure that the address is
UPDATE – 19:51 – Done

If you’re still awake well done.



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