Back to the Cornish Hills

With fine weather ahead we had to decide whether it was a Poldhu, Perranuthnoe or Gwithian day.  It turned out to be a Perranuthnoe day. (Great choice). Dean,Adrian,Colin, myself and Nigel met at Union Corner later to be chased down by Ian who caught us at the other meeting place where Simon, Phil S, Mike and Trevarno Dave were waiting.  We picked Jan up at Crane Garage on her new bike where we experienced a little road rage. Oh, it […] Read More

Sa Colobra and beyond

M I knew it was going to longer than that! Day 1 Julian decided a 40ish mile route was the plan for the day. We headed out to Campanet for a coffee stop (Almond cake) before heading through Moscari to Selva then turned south to Inca and headed to Sineu for lunch. But, it was market day and packed with people watchers so we took a pretty little lane across a railway line and on to Petra for a late […] Read More

“When suddenly hastening down the lane, a figure I knew I saw quite plain.”

It was Keith and Mike2, waiting at Halvasso turn. I had travelled alone from Union Corner and with a wet and windy forecast, and a goodly number of OGIL sur le continent, I didn’t expect any more company for todays ride. Any idea of going anywhere near Helston on Flora Day was quickly dismissed and, as I wanted to call in at Blackwater at some point, either Lilly the Pink’s or Jenn’s Diner seemed acceptable destinations. We could make a final […] Read More

Hey there, Georgie Girl

There are not nine million bicycles in Beijing, but there were fourteen on the OGIL ride this week. An incredible eight left Union Corner, minus our Chair, who didn’t even post her lame excuse until 9am, but joined by new rider, Georgie B, who with Frankie brought the average age of riders down by about two decades. For once we outnumbered the five at Halvasso turn, who, in celebration of May Day had returned to the slightly less muddy gateway. […] Read More

Charity ride for EGHO on 28th April

‘It seemed like a plan…..” At coffee last Wednesday six or seven of the nine Ogils hatched a plan to ride the One and All charity ride raising money for Exploring Global Health Opportunities starting at Stithians Lake Cafe. It was cold and wet when I set off at 8am to meet Andrew by Mawnan PO, but I was pleased and surprised to see that around 20 Falmouth Wheelers had also made the effort, choosing either the 11, 24, 38 […] Read More

One and All Charity Ride

Jan, Phil, myself and two Belles riders really enjoyed the 38 mile route ride that One and All organised for their Charity ride. The weather tried to put a dampener on it at the start but the rain had eased by the time we arrived at the feed station at St.Erth. The cakes on offer were pretty good and as there were heaters we attempted to dry some of our kit out but not very successfully. The ride continued up […] Read More

OGIL breakfast meeting

I have been sitting here for quite a while; not trying to remember where we went and who was there, but trying to make it sound a bit more interesting. Some weeks are like that, I suppose; no one fell off; no mechanicals; no one rushed off at a great rate and got lost; no original excuses for not being there. With a not very promising weather forecast Fred suggested Helston boating lake, and I think Phil3 suggested going via […] Read More

Wednesday OGIL Ride for 17 April, 2019.

The weather being fine, Andrew and I were joined at Halvasso turning by Adrian, John, Nigel, Danny (our official carer), Keith, Colin, Phil S. and Paul – not necessarily in that order – to make up a merry band of ten. Not only had Phil decided on a destination, he had actually planned a route to get us there. So off we set towards Perranuthnoe via Carnkie, Porkellis, Releath, Nacegollan, Godolphin Cross and Goldstithney. At Nacegollan we saw a sign […] Read More

Sunday Ride 21st april Easter sunday

What a beautiful day it was and a complete contrast from the week before, I made my way to H.Q. where at the bottom of Halvasso turning I met Paula, Liz, Tom and Jo heading the other way, funny I thought, but carried on. Then at Treverva I met Victor also heading the other way? have I passed through a time continuum! No I checked the time on my phone and carried on to H.Q. I was not alone all […] Read More

Ride report on Falmouth Wheelers Cornish 100 on Sunday 14th April 2019

At last I’ve ridden the club’s Audax ride! After a broken spoke at my first attempt and three years of helping Phil Conroy with the entries I woke on Sunday to a pretty miserable forecast and rain outside hoping to ride the Falmouth Audax for the first time. Trevor S had offered to take my place at the entry table for the day so that I could ride. He greeted me with a laugh and a “you picked a good […] Read More