New Improved Forum!

New Improved Forum!  


Chris H
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02/02/2019 4:08 pm  

Here is a new and improved forum. Now you only need ONE login to the website! Horray i hear you all say..... Hello?

Anyway I have copied all the currently relevant information over from the old forum to this one. Anything that was out of date I have left to be deleted in due course.

The old forum is still available for now at I will probably delete the old forum within the next month or two, but as I said all relevant information has been copied over to here! 

So now as long as you are logged into Wordpress you can view the members only pages, and post in any forum. If you are not logged in you can only view the public forum. I have also set up the ability to log in to the forum with your Facebook login. This can only be done if you are on the https version of the website. I will be changing the site to be always on https soon, but need to perform a full backup before I do this as there is a possibility it will kill everything!

Cheers now.