No ice with mine, thanks

Lots of ducking out due to the potential icy conditions on WhatsApp this morning (or else having to be in Devon – ??), but it was the girls who made the eminently sensible suggestion of starting and hour later to give the roads a chance to thaw. But the decision to ‘start at 10 instead of 9’ caused a little confusion, as we normally leave Union Corner at 8.50am – was Paul late or had he had a last minute […] Read More

Too early for bluebells

We left Barripper and at the main road headed back in the direction of Praze towards our declared destination, the Bluebell Cafe and the attraction of double toasted teacakes. Our hopes were raised as we spotted a chalk board sign for the Bluebell Nursery indicating ‘Cafe 100 metres’. After about 300 metres our hopes were dashed when we encountered the locked gates of the nursery, with a sign explaining that the nursery is closed until the 21st January. Don’t people […] Read More

The gods smiled on us

When we set out it was gloomy and a bit misty, but any worries about getting caught in the rain were instantly dispelled by the arrival at the other place of Ian, our official anti-precipitation mascot. This meant that not only could we keep our rain capes neatly folded in our back pockets, but also that we would be guaranteed an interesting and sometimes uncharted route to our destination, wherever that might be. Suggestions of Miss Molly’s were not contested, […] Read More

Sunday’s ride to the Lizard

With a 19% chance of rain it was looking good and so thought lots of others who gathered at 9.00 at HQ.  Porthleven was suggested but as we had been there last week and a shout for the Lizard went up, the Lizard it was. I left with the first group and we took a left out of HQ which could only mean one thing really, Maenporth Hill. It was then Port Navas and Constantine, round the back of the […] Read More

Roastie Ride 10.00 a.m. Group

It was dry when I got up and not too cold so it was looking good for the Annual Roastie ride.  The Stag Hunt in Ponsanooth has been the destination for the last couple of years and what a great choice of Pub. There were 11 of us gathered at HQ for the off,  8 or 9 had gone at 9 o’clock and others were making their way a little later or driving.  Our group was a good mix of […] Read More

Non, je ne regrette rien

A friend of mine has set himself a challenge to cycle 1000 miles during the next 3 months. For many of the OGIL it was a challenge just to get the bike out this morning, with a result that only four, aul, Jan, Keith and myself, braved the elements for a dash across to Miss Molly’s. Colin is away travelling, as is hil3 so it falls to me to kee everyone udated on the doings and non-doings of the OLIG. […] Read More

Christmas Meeting

Looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas meeting tomorrow evening. You’ll be glad of the distraction from the Polling. Please bring a plate of food, your Best Christmas Jumper and a wrapped raffle prize.