And then there were two

On the first really nice day for ages – sun, wall to wall blue sky, and dry(ish) roads – eight of the 9.30 group met at Union Corner. The vote was to go to St Agnes, which changed to Perranporth as we got closer. We took the route via the Norway Inn and along the road towards Bissoe but turned right for Baldhu and Chasewater, where Sheila left us. Then Blackwater and across the Mithian Downs. We rode round the […] Read More

First OGIL this year

OGIL ride report 5th January 2022 A total of 14 riders congregated at TOP, tempted out by the forecast of dry weather with hardly a whiff of wind, and the possibility of some sun to boot. This was despite the temperature hovering at a low enough level to ensure everyone was in longs and sporting heavy gloves – some even looked more like boxing gloves than anything that would give you a sporting chance of controlling a bicycle. After the […] Read More

BOGOF (Two for the price of one)

OGIL Ride 22nd of December 2021 Seventeen riders met at TOP and we set off for Miss Mollys. Simon had rang them to warn of our arrival and had arranged for us to have a celebratory mince pie, hoorah thanks Simon. We rode via Releath and the conversation was mainly about what we expected Santa to bring us (yes there is a Santa). Coffees and snacks ordered plus a very modest glass of Prosecco – not expecting such a vast […] Read More

January meeting 27th Jan at 7.30pm

Free Our annual xmas party along with KK’s raffle was postponed so we’re having it in January instead. (minus the party food as we’re now doing veganuary, dry January or whatever else anyone can think of). We will have the Annual Awards and a recap of the donations we gave to the chosen charities. We are also continuing the Talks sessions this year with Jan Watson who present and give us a practical session on Cycling stretching/exercises. We all want […] Read More

Third time lucky, or so I thought.

Having now read the instructions I was all set to video record the Sunday ride, for posterity. “The handle bar mount seems a bit floppy”, says Phil3. “Yes, I suppose that’s what you get with a cheap camera”. The two previous “trials” had given short segments of video, but long enough to capture a few close passes, filming a complete ride, would test the battery and memory card capacity. Both, I think, would have passed this test but the handlebar […] Read More

The Mousehole lights ride 2022.

Due to not riding regularly I departed from Helston earlier than I normally would of done for this annual ride but with a strong breeze pushing me up a relatively traffic free Sithney Common hill I soon turned off the main road onto past childhood roads. Reminiscing with the associated memories as I pedalled pass my place of birth I just wished I had my usual “lights” riding buddy alongside me talking bollocks. Any thoughts of the past were soon […] Read More

Heads down for the Lizard

OGIL ride report 15th December 2021 Rumours had been circulating for some time that Dean the Elder had invested in a new electric bike, and we were keen with anticipation as he rode up to us at Union Corner with his bike bristling with technology. We were disappointed, though, to find that he was in fact riding his trusty old steed, but with a front light and a camera attached to his handlebars. He assured us that the camera was […] Read More

December Report on club events

Very sadly, our Christmas Party and Awards night was cancelled due to the Covid/Omicron situation.  Apologies and thanks to everyone who had made or bought food for the event; hopefully it won’t all go to waste.  The awards will be presented when we’re next able to get together.  On a happier note, after a very successful Audax back in September, our charity fund was able to give donations to two local charities.   ‘Hidden Help’, nominated by Ian, organises and obtains […] Read More