Ride of attrition

Like freckles, the sun brought out a goodly number of OGILs for today’s ride, including those known to be allergic to rain. No shorts today, although Dean was cheekily displaying his ankles in a fetching half calf length number. A total of ten of us, including new rider Sam, studying animal behaviour at the Exeter University Penryn campus. Despite talking to him at length, it was not entirely clear whether he was just joining us for a ride or whether […] Read More

How many Wheelers does it take to mend a puncture?

The weather forecast threatened lots of rain and strong winds, so naturally WhatsApp was buzzing with messages as everyone tried to avoid being the person to admit it would be mad to go out. Dean resisted rising to the bait of Ian’s schoolboy taunts about him and wind and sensibly maintained radio silence, but others declared their intention to brave the elements.  So it was that three of us met at Union Corner and rode up to meet another three […] Read More

“ Nice Weather for Ducks!”

Ogil ride Wednesday 20th November Yet another damp forecast for our regular Wednesday Ogil ride so it was no surprise that it was just Phil Conroy, Keith and me waiting in vain for others to join us today. Destinations and route options discussed, a shortish trip to Helston Boating Lake was decided. In fact, we had only a light sprinkling of drizzle as we rode to Gweek via Brill and Tolvan Cross, along Gweek Drive and through Trelowarren to the […] Read More

Fantastic Quiz Night

Thanks to Martyn,  Margaret and Adrian for yet another evening filled with quizzical looks , thoughtful moments and a lot of fun. Who knew that St.Neot was only 18inches tall??? £35.00 was raised from the raffle and thanks to everyone. Roll on to the next one.

Bluebell in Autumn

Although the forecast was for some rain, apart from a few early drops the conditions looked benign enough as a select few (three) assembled at Union Corner. When we reached the other place, the few seemed even more select as the place was deserted. Did we have the right day? we wondered. But we were saved by the slow dribble of other riders arriving, busily removing an alarming number of layers in response to the slightly higher temperature than anticipated.  […] Read More


Please can we have your Achievement and WOW awards nominations as soon as possible. Please see either Liz or Sonjia or myself.   Liz and I will be at the Quiz on Thursday so please have a word with us on Thursday. Achievements and WOW’s can be big or small so think hard as to who you feel should receive the awards. Kath

OGIL ride Wednesday 6th November

With our usual scribes, Dean (New Zealand) and Colin (Okehampton), away in foreign lands it’s left to me to continue the unbroken train of Ogil reports for this week’s ride. Keith and Andrew were waiting as I arrived at the Other Place with Phil C. Paul followed closely behind and when we joined Jan up at the weighbridge we were just six. The forecast showers held off as we made our way to Nine Maidens, through Bolenowe, Troon, Ramsgate and […] Read More