Weekly Rides

Sunday Rides

9:00am at Falmouth Business Park

Long ride: 60-80 miles 11-14mph (may start earlier in summer)
Intermediates: 35-50 miles, slower pace
Strollers/Improvers: 18-25 miles, slowest pace

The mileages are guideline only and can be adjusted on the day depending on the weather and group ability. The pace will vary depending on the route profile – how many hills and how steep.

Wednesday Rides

8:50am at Union Corner roundabout
9:10am at Halvasso turning

Out to a cafe for brunch and return to Falmouth approximately 1:00pm-2:00pm. Various distances decided on the day considering weather and group ability.

6:00pm at Falmouth Business Park

Wednesday evening pub runs throughout the summer.


Where possible destinations are publicised prior to date so late comers or on-route members can play catch up. We have WhatsApp groups available to all members.