The season of mellow mists and fruitfulness

I set out on my ride beginning to come round to Richard 174’s view about over reliance on technology. Mystic Meg had said that the weather would be wet, windy and generally ‘orrible, yet on the way over to Union Corner it was just a bit damp. I took the absence of any other OGIL as evidence that they had received similar dire weather warnings and thought that it would be a good morning to sort the sock drawer. They missed out on a very enjoyable ride. OK, it did turn out to be wet, windy and generally ‘orrible, and I did find out that my new “waterproof” jacket was probably not living up the reviews on Evans cycles website, but everything will probably dry out by Sunday. Just 3 others, Keith, Phil3 and Mike2 at the other place but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm, and with Miss Molly’s up on the destination board we were soon on our way. 
It was the direct route, via Bolenowe and Brea village, so it only seemed like hours before we were gathered around one of the small tables, next to a radiator. The black cat, put out by the fact that all I could offer was a very wet lap, stretched out across the radiator, leaving just enough room for a couple of pairs of gloves. I placed my usual order but the others went for the large breakfast. It was to be a 2 coffee stop, Mr Garmin later informing me that we had been at the café 1 hour and 18 minutes, 2 minutes longer that the (moving) time it had taken to cycle there. I listened enthralled as the others discussed hearing aids and the advantages of subtitles on TV programmes. Phil kept a keen eye on the window and, eventually, announcing that the rain had stopped it was time to leave. It was just a lull and normal service was resumed very soon. The road from St Euny Church is open once more so there was no need for off road antics. Keith, who had remembered his coat this week, left us near the llamas and Phil and Mike bade farewell at Argal Crossroads. Mr Headwind came out to welcome me back to Falmouth. Only 32 miles for me. Dean


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