It’s all coming back to me now

Fortunately, no major celebs have died this week and so, if I can get last weeks song out of my mind for a while, I can get back to writing about the finer points of that well known activity the OGIL Wednesday morning ride. It’s either that or some useful notes about the latest fad diet or exercise programme, or a line or two about colon cleansing. I only mention this as someone the other day suggested I tried Blogging. Unfortunately I confused this with dogging but that’s a story for another day.On Sunday, whilst Mr Garmin was chortling happily about all the new roads experienced during Richard 74’s Treasure Hunt, Fred was reminiscing over OGIL rides completed in the olden days, with young Mr Gunner, and how they used to set off without any clear sense of where they were going or how to get there. I have to say that this is my experience most weeks, and without Mr Garmin I wouldn’t be too sure as to where we had been when we got back.

So, after correctly guessing the first question in today’s quiz, “Where are we going to go?” I was surprised when Fred said “Ok, you’re leading, Dean”. The destination was to be the Penrose Kitchen, aka Truro Water gardens, near Shortlanesend. I should remember that. “Greek Church, Burncoose, Chacewater”, but not adding that I might have remembered the next bit by the time we got there. By “we” I mean Fred, Bernie, Keith, Phils 1 and 3, John, Mike 2, Paul, the M&Ms, Trevor and myself, and it was Keith who helped jog my memory that from Chacewater we head up the hill to Dangerous Crossing and out to the airport before tackling the maze of lanes around Newmills. But we got there in pretty good time, rearranged the tables out on the decking and ordered our breakfasts. Penrose Kitchen isn’t the least expensive café visited by the OGIL but an occasional treat. Conversation was, strangely enough, mainly about cycling; Sunday’s Treasurer hunt, won by Fred, with a small input from me, and recent LEL and the next Paris Brest Paris Audax. It seems that to qualify for the

latter you have to do a 200, 300, 400 and 600K rides, the good news being that Martyn’s 200K audax does count towards it, and, the next PBP isn’t until 2019.

The route back takes us again through the maze to the Park and Ride, across to Threemilestone, Tomperrow, and Wheal Jane. Coming out on the Bissoe Rd I suggested Genna lane but as there was another lane, directly opposite, Fred suggested we try it. “We have done it before”, I said, a fact that Mr Garmin positively denied and took no responsibility over. It is a nice “Ariston” hill up to Colwyn Farm, before dropping back to Perranwell. Now, if I was the ride leader, only those that turned right at the crossroads and followed me towards Cusgarn, that is Trevor, Mike and Keith, were going the right way. The others for some reason were well ahead at this point and didn’t post a marker at the junction. After a few minutes I had second thoughts and leaving Trevor to continue homewards, Mike, Keith and myself turned back, dropping down to Perranwell,

Norway Inn, Hangman’s hill, etc. We never saw the others again, but can only assume they are not still waiting somewhere. 37 miles for me, and home for 1.



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