The Boxing Day Ride

This year boxing day was on the 26th of December which coincided with a Tuesday. This being such a good turn out for a festive ride was envisaged, however this was not the case o.k. it was wetish o.k. it was windyish and well maybe a trifle on the cold side but hey it is December. Well David Spargo, Robin and yours truly waited for a while thinking perhaps the others had over slept but alas no-one else turned up so the three wise men followed yonder star or they would have done if they could see it. The modest route was Mawnan Smith via Meanporth hill a favourite of many the wheelers! Through the delightful little lane coming out at High Cross Garage where the “P” fairy made a visit to Robin. Oh what joyish odes he did sing out. David and I duly set about giving him unsound advice on the best way to go about repairing the problem. Of course it was on the rear wheel and Robin was a bit confused as to how to get the wheel off as it had Shimano gears on his chosen bike for the day. I not sure whether it was the by now irritating rain the rather bright orange gloves that he had put on or just a general feeling of pissoffishness that often occurs on these occasions but eventually the quick release was released and the wheel removed the same as would be done with the Campagnolia that Robin favours (all sounds a bit Greek or is it Italian to me). After a very swift inner tube change and discussions on tyre sizes a riveting conversation that I am sure the Ladies of the club and a lot of the male members would have thoroughly enjoyed!! We continued to Lamanva, Union corner down to Penryn round Castle Point stopping at the what was once the Duchy Hotel to study the rather strange building practices that are taking place. David then took us on a magical mystery tour through the back lanes tracks footpath and steps of Falmouth arriving eventually at the Boslowick inn at 12.00 noon having ridden 18 miles. Sonjia had just driven up with the mince pies so 4 of us entered the inn for a festive drink. Jo and her son Robert arrived from the Gym. He was home for xmas and told us of his travels with B.A. By the time we left it was raining rather hard so the roads were washed lovely and clean.

So folks don’t forget next year to join us in the joviality of a Boxing Day Ride


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