Wednesday 14th March – Blowing a bit (and wet, again)

Forecast : Grey, South Easterly Gales, Heavy Rain.

The previous day had seen the first day of spring, weather wise. 14 degs in the sun, gentle breeze and cyclists wearing shorts. But that was yesterday!
Today it was horrible, so much so that only two Wheelers ventured forth, Chicago Mike and Paul. Hanging around was not an option so on the stroke of about quarter past nine we headed west, Porthleven vaguely the destination. Past Carnkie and on to Porkellis the conversation was polite but muted, thanks to the stonking cross wind which threatened to topple the entire peloton whenever we slid out from behind the hedgerows. Cries of “car back” , though well intentioned, were lost in the howling wind. Nancegollan and Godolphin Cross crawled by in mud spattered determination, but a brief break in the weather enabled a detailed discussion on the relative merits of rearward looking traffic warning radar versus the rear view handlebar mirror. Mike provided a commendably technical description of his radar system, detailing closing rates, relative velocity theorem and the ever vital angle of dangle, but admitted afterwards that he’d settle for a mirror when push came to shove!!
We made it past Ashton and on to the cliff top road to Porthleven. Heading directly into the gale we attempted to explore the aerodynamic qualities of the Chris Froome tuck position but still only managed a little over 10 mph, flat out, downhill.
Porthleven’s Nauti but Ice provided much needed shelter and a great view of the angry sea.
Mike suggested we return along the cliff top and through Penrose, not an option as the coastal path is closed due to cliff erosion, but we joined the Loe Pool track inland and sprinted into Helston. After a brief stop at the bike shop to discuss gps mounts and for Paul to offload some cash, we parted company at the Gweek turn off by Culdrose, slightly soggy and windswept but ready for more!

40 miles for me.


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