Women wanted.

The London Walking and Cycling Commissioner (how much does he/she get?) has said that cyclists in London are too white, male and middle class and more needs to be done to encourage women and ethnic minority groups. A trip out to the Dewspring Tea Room with the OGIL today would have given the answer as to why there are fewer women cyclists. It p****d it down for most of the morning. Women, it has to be said, have more sense. Even Ian had more sense, as I was the only person at Union Corner at 8.50 and just Phil3, Mike2, Simon and Andrew at the other place. At least we met the ethnic minority quota. The Dewspring, at Piece, seemed a good choice. If the weather got worse the route could be shortened or Miss Molly’s substituted.

Mystic Meg had suggested that there was an 80% chance of rain and for once was optimistic, but not as optimistic as me, as I left my Night Vision waterproof jacket (from Evans Cycles) at home in favour of my emergency totally useless fold up jacket. Rule 7 came into effect, Rules 3 and 5 can be ignored during severe inclemental weather conditions, and we were at the Dewspring well before 11 and with only 18 miles to show for it. Eggs, fried or scrambled, got the majority vote and deciding that both Mike2 and myself needed feeding up a bit, the owner came over with an extra egg each. There was no rush to leave and repeat coffee orders ensued. Conversation, for some reason, centred on warmer locations, and vacations.

If anything, the rain got heavier on the way back and it was a brief farewell to Simon at Penhalvean and ditto to the Mawnan Boys at Argal crossroads. 33 miles for me. Dean

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