Lost boys of Helston – found in Roseland

There have been teething problems with our new website – but it’s finally coming good. Or so I thought. After some nagging Chris has provided us with a message board called – “Guestbook” – and on Saturday morning I left a message suggesting a leisurely Sunday ride to St Mawes – the weather looked fine and, after a bit of a climb from the ferry, the road rolls smoothly along the coast and provides snatches of far reaching views of the creeks and Falmouth beyond. So an easy day. Julian was interested and Chris also thought it a good idea – and unbeknown to me Trevor had read the posting too. But it appears no one else had. Might be an idea renaming Guestbook “Message Board”?

At HQ I proposed St Mawes as the destination and also canvassed for interest amongst those on the short ride – a ferry trip and you’re back in Falmouth! Don thought his bike a bit heavy to carry on the ferry and I must admit I didn’t get much of a response from the others – hey ho, at least I tried! And in my absence the long ride had now decided they wanted to go to the Lakeside cafe near St Ives! So, with Chris as a no show, I left Julian a message, “gone to Lakeside cafe”, and off we rolled.

We picked up several riders who’d left with the earlier group ( time was getting on! ) and by the time we reached the Halvasso turn we were a dozen or more, and maybe for the first time this year we were totally 4Philled!
Later Ian had a call from Raymond to say that they were at the ferry – where were we? Well, we were at Penmarth! I had been looking forward to the Roseland roads – watching the sailing boats – go and see the castle………………..so I left the St Ives ride and headed to the King Harry Ferry!

Just over an hour later I was sitting with Trevor and Raymond at a harbourside cafe in the sun with a coffee and freshly made pastries watching the world go by. And the day went perfectly to plan from thereon. We bumbled along to the castle and took a few pictures then rode back the way we had all come affording us different glimpses of the sea, creeks and sailing boats beyond.

Shortly after we passed St Just I asked Trevor whether he thought it was too early for a pint since the Roseland Inn now has it’s own brewery. A feeble excuse. But it had just gone 12 and Trevor thought it wasn’t any longer too early so we turned for Philleigh and not the ferry.

And it was a particularly nice pint, sitting in the sun, the conversation being mainly about motorbikes. I can forgive them that!
Rather than give ourselves 7 or 8 minutes to catch the ferry we gave ourselves well over twenty and consequently bumbled along – only to just miss the earlier ferry that was now running late! The bumbling was perhaps a bit slow but were in no great hurry and chatted to a lady that had just moved down to Cornwall from Cumbria – to marry a chap from Mylor. She said she’d miss the hills and I said we have plenty but she meant walking. Hill walking.
Back via the Seven Stars in Stithians where we exchanged accounts of our different days with Amanda, Alice, Ian and Philby, who were all sat outside. All’s well that ends well. And it did.

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  1. Flat tyre, lack of interest in fixing it and being tired from working all week.. That’s my excuse. And message board. Guestbook…. It’s all a matter of syntax isn’t it? It’s what the plugin is called, but i can change it.

    Even so over the last 7 days there have been 33 views of the “guestbook” which is the highest performing page on the site (ignoring the home page with 288) with 4 more views than the calendar. Perhaps people just didn’t want to go? 😉

    1. Well that’s really good. But as I posted the message on Saturday night the 33 people who viewed Guestbook during the week wouldn’t have seen it anyway.
      Anyhow, we now have a message board that works which is the main thing. And it’s called Message Board! If it looks like a duck………….

      1. Oh, and I’ve been asked to put St Mawes as the destination for next week.
        That was the Stithians Seven Stars long ride committee that made the decision. Nothing to do with me.

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