Ya’ll come back now! Ya’ hear?

This was not Simon’s call to Mike 2 and Keith, to keep them close to the rest of the pack, but Jed Clampett’s weekly farewell to viewers of the Beverly Hillbillies. And I could have sworn that I heard it again as we left the Atlantic café, at Portreath, during today’s OGIL ride.

Just Phil1 and myself met at Union Corner to cycle over to the official OGIL start point at the other place, where we joined Simon, Keith, Paul, Andrew, Mike 2 and Jan. There was no Kath, she had said she was going out with “friends”. So now we know where we stand. It was certainly not a Poldhu day and Portreath seemed to meet our needs, although some had been there on Sunday last. Apart from a Simon inspired slight detour after Troon, past a magnificent war memorial, it was an uneventful route out and a rapid(ish) sprint along the north coast and down into Portreath. There was plenty of room and we chose our regular round table. All that is except Paul who, I think, must have left the tap running at home and left as soon as he arrived. At times we were also missing Andrew as he spent most of the café stop on the phone. What are these OGIL rides coming to? He did manage to eat his breakfast though, which is more than you can say for Mike2, who had to pass over a sizeable fraction to the gannets when it was time to leave. The Tramway Travellers; Trevor, Big Bob, Mr G and Lance disguised as Jed Clampett were in their usual corner when we left.

It was a 2 coffee stop, long enough for the rain to have started again but we soon outran it, up to Redruth, where Mike challenged a HGV for right of way, and lost. Never mind, it was only blood that was spilt. Jan departed somewhere around Lanner and Simon shortly afterwards. Sonjia and Don Morris, with newcomers Sarah & Sarah were passed as they dawdled through  Stithians. When Phil and I arrived back at Union Corner I had done 41 miles.


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