You only regret not going

It was well past 9.10 by the time that everyone had lost interest in pointing out defects on Andrew’s bike, the one he was expecting to “Ride London” in about 5 days time. He must have doubted whether, in fact, he was going to make it all the way to Perranuthnoe, and back, before it completely gave up on him.

Kath was a no show again, she had gone swimming, just something to note when she stands for re-election next year, so there was just Phil1, Ian, Mike and myself setting out from Union Corner, to meet up with Simon, Keith, Andrew, Paul and Mike2 at the other place. Surface dressing wasn’t due to start at Halvasso until Friday but there was plenty of excess chippings to contend with as we made our way down the West Cornwall spine to Goldsithney before turning off to Perranuthnoe. Lots of people about on a sunny day but plenty of room in the garden and reasonably fast service. Not that this is so important with the view across the bay.

The only problem with Perranuthnoe as a destination is that the only option to avoid the main road on the way back is to retrace your tyre tracks. So, this is what we did, at least as far as Trewithen Terrace where we turned right, to Balwest and through to Porthleven, crossing the main road at Ashton and taking the long sweep down from Rinsey, with time to, again, take in the wonderful view. There was little disagreement about a second stop, for ice cream, although Paul disappeared at this point. Fully refreshed we remounted to tackle our own Arras-Roubaix stage, along the harbour, before climbing up and away towards Penrose. From Helston it was the usual route back, muddy lanes, etc. It was just over 49 miles for me, and back a little later than usual. Was it the ice cream stop or Andrew stopping to check his bike every 10 minutes? He finally called in at Falmouth Cycles so hopefully they will have sorted him out by the weekend, so good luck to him and Paul, to be joined by Paula, and all the others riding in London this weekend. Dean

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