No, John, No, John, No, John, No

There was no John at Union Corner, no Kath (no excuse), no Mike, and no Richard; and at the other place there was no Paul, no Jan, and no Keith. After being one of only three who turned out on Sunday I was wondering whether actually cycling was loosing its attraction amongst club members.

Ian, Phil1 and myself met up with Mike2 and Andrew at Argal crossroads, with Andrew’s bike turned turtle and the two of them attempting to change an innnertube. Falmouth Cycles repairs had got Andrew around Ride London but his tyres let him down, literally, twice, on the short ride across from Mawnan Smith. Assistance given we were on our way to the other place, where Simon, Fred and Phil3 had not wasted their time whilst they waited; the destination was to be Loe Beach.

Simon and Ian set a swift pace, with the danger that OGIL records would be broken, but after dropping down from Lanner to Carharrick, then on to Trippletts, it was a right turn, up a long and draggy hill before dropping down to Chacewater. Another right, up Kerley Hill, then over to Carnon Downs, Playing Place, Come to Good and finally down to Loe Beach; just on 11 o’clock.

A good café stop is all about the Craic; somewhere to park your bike; friendly service; outside seating (in the summer) and reasonably priced food. Today’s stop met all criteria and with all round views to boot. Mystic Meg’s “Sunny spells and moderate breeze” was a little off the mark but the rain held off and we were glad of the wind’s assistance on the hill up from the beach.

The homeward journey is well known though only Ian, Simon, Phil1 and myself favoured Suicide Alley; the others heading off towards Bissoe. They say that most accidents happen within a couple of miles from home and Phil almost became a statistic when a BMW pulled out into the cycle lane from the garage in Commercial Road. The number of vehicles parked on the cycle lane was also very disappointing to see. 37 miles for me. Dean

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