OGILing in September

It is now officially autumn, and Rob will be posting the number of shopping days to Christmas before long. Amanda is already organising the Christmas Party. But Nature doesn’t work like that. It was a bit cooler first thing but by the time we had reached Halvasso turn both the day and the riders had warmed up considerably. Raymondo, aka White Tide man, was already at Union Corner and we were soon joined by Ian and Amanda, and a while after starting out, by Kath. Just Simon, Fred, Keith and Mike2 at the other place and Mike turned for home by the time we reached Kestle Quarry. We were heading for Blue Bell Nurseries with Ian promising an interesting route, but Simon said “do this” and set off up towards Crane Garage, with us sheep following, leaving Ian and Keith heading in the opposite direction. There were a few words said, few of which I would get past the Editor, and for a few miles Ian sulked at the back. However, approaching Praze at a time that would have us getting to the café by about 10:15, Ian asserted himself and took charge once again. Out to Carnhell Green then turn towards Barripper brought us back on track. It was warm enough to sit outside and, food and drinks ordered, all managed to squeeze around the one table. Conversation got around to gender and BLTG, which I always thought was a sandwich, and the confusions this can create. Simon made a note to add another category to the forthcoming Hill Climb. Amanda had a date with a cream tea in St Mawes so left early, with plenty of advice on which was the best way back. In spite of this I assume she got home ok. For us it was back to Praze and straight up to Drift Reservoir. Kath made a few weak complaints about all the hills but they fell on deaf ears. Raymond turned for home somewhere along the way and others left, as they do. Just 40 miles for me. Dean

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