Are you dancing? … are you asking?

I could have almost believed that it was either Tuesday or Thursday. No one waiting at Union Corner and no sign of anyone else as I approached the other place. However, Fred and Mike were hiding near the gate and not visible until I got there. Looked like there was only going to be the three of us, until Emma turned up a few moments later. Still, no argument about where to head for. It was a damp cold start to the day and Miss Molly’s seemed a good choice and especially so as Emma said that she had never been there. I guessed that everyone else was still on holiday; like Kath keeping his or her strength for the Hill Climb this evening; or like Ian, who later passed driving a big white van, at work. We followed the usual route; Bolenowe, Barripper, Penponds, Treswithian, Roskear and Tuckingmill, although Mike 2 was in danger of going off like East Devon Jim at one point. Surprisingly, without endless stops to chat along the way, it was only 10.30 when we arrived; and we were riding fairly slowly. The seat in the window awaited us, as did a new waitress; equally welcoming, and the breakfasts soon arrived.

Perhaps, prompted by the ambient music, Fred tried to enrol Emma to the Swing Classes held at Wood Lane on Thursday evenings. He didn’t invite me!

After a leisurely stop, and a comprehensive tour of the “antiques” on the ground floor it was still not 11.30 when we made a start back, down through the village and along the cycle path to St Euny Church. Here a “Road Closed” sign and a diversion up to Trewergie faced us. Emma had by now had enough of us, or didn’t fancy the climb up to Buller Hill, and stated that she was going to visit a friend in Redruth. A weak excuse; who has friends in Redruth?? Back to Stithians and Deaf Cat Ally brought us back to Longdowns and onwards home. I had obviously not recharged Mr Garmin25 as it closed down along the way, but about 35 miles and just after one pm when I got home. Dean

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