Is this the real life

Well into October and still shorts weather. This can only mean “it’s a Poldhu day”. Kath had been up early to put the washing out, and was already at Union Corner, with Phil, when I arrived; Ian wasn’t far behind. Fred, Simon, Phil(3), and Mike(2) were at the other place. I think it was Fred who suggested Poldhu; a south-easterly wind would blow us there. Ian, on his single speed, raised no objection, though the route would be a little high, little low. Anyway the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me; which is fortunate, as I don’t think I noticed a tail wind at anytime during the morning. As has become the norm, a diversion to take in four mile hill, with a dazzling descent in to Gweek, up Gweek Drive to Mawgan, down to the Trelowarren Gate, and up through the estate; where we stopped and looked up to the skies, to admire the view.

With an off shore breeze the Poldhu beach looked as good as at anytime. Eight around one table was a little intimate but an off menu order of eggs on toast was readily accepted by the new female staff and we enjoyed both the view and the food; is this just fantasy?  Afterwards we watched a fellow cyclist glide up the hill to the golf club, on an electric Giant, and then it was our turn, Ian having a few minutes start. At Cury we were met by a road closed sign but dodging the piles of plannings, and the holes from which they had been extracted, we made our way through and up to Culdrose. There was some confusion here, Phil(1) suggesting we continue through town to the Tesco roundabout to avoid road works on the bypass. The result was that half of us went one way, and half the other way. There was little in it. Muddy lanes/ hiden lanes followed and we were soon homeward bound. At the top of Kergilliack Road a cyclist sitting on the verge, leaning against a road sign attracted our attention. He wasn’t having a heart attack, merely awaiting his mate before setting off on their afternoon ride. We, of course, invited them to join one of the OGIL rides next week. 45 miles for me. Dean

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