I’ve never seen anything like it!

Simon’s text, to say that he needed to take his car to Penstraze, and could we head that way to meet up, was an opportunity to find somewhere new for the OGIL ride. There are countless cafes, and even more routes to get to them, to the North or West of Union Corner but few that we have found that head in a more easterly direction and fit the Wednesday morning criteria- mainly centered around the word “morning”. A Google search suggested the Chaos Café, on the outskirts of Truro. Amanda had mentioned it previously but it remained unexplored by the OGIL. Kath, Phil1 and a potential new member, Adrian, were at Union Corner when I arrived and as soon as Ian turned up we were on our way, to meet up with Phil3, Keith, Mike2 and Sheila at the other place. I explained the format for the ride and we were off. I had suggested to Simon that we would head for Chacewater “by our usual route” and if he headed back towards Halvasso we should meet up somewhere along the way. There was some discussion as to what the ”usual route” was but by some miracle we did meet with Simon just after Burncoose. All was going well. I had drafted out a route from Chacewater to the café and downloaded it to Mr Garmin2 and hoped for the best. There was some dissent when we had to cross the busy Chiverton to Truro road but I ignored the comments and pressed on to Tregavethan. A right turn heralded the entry to the maze of little lanes that cross above Threemilestone and Trelisike Hospital. Narrow, quiet, pleasantly undulating; all was fine. However, all was going too well. A slight rise grew into a hill, which didn’t know when to stop. It was a proper Push me-pull me sort of hill. Even Ian was impressed. As we reached the top I thought everyone had stopped speaking to me but then I noticed the sign “Quiet Lane”. Coming out at the top of Kenwyn hill it was a rapid descent, into Truro, before heading back up Moresk Road and out by the Cattle market. The café Chaos is just across the Waitrose lights next door to the Vet. Chaos stands for Community Helping all of Society, and the Chaos Group work with “disabled and disadvantaged members of the community to provide experiences and opportunities to help them find their feet”. As well as the café the Group is involved in a Beauty Salon, a farm, Community care workers and a Community Radio. As far as the café goes the food was good; the prices even better. It will certainly feature in future OGIL ride reports, if we can find a slightly different route.

There is a cycle path sign near the entrance and this took us across to Penair School and the drop down St Clement’s Hill to Trafalgar roundabout. Getting off the main road we took the NCN3 cycle track via Newham to Calenick and the Old Coach Road. Sheila was reassured that there were only two hills on the way home, this one and Hangman’s and we fitted in a diversion to Point and along the creek to Devoran before tackling Suicide Alley. We met up with Sonjia and her boys near Ennys. 41 miles for me.


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