So little happened I forgot to post it!

A wintery weather forecast is enough to sort the men from the boys and girls. In my Night Vision jacket, also available in blue, I was, at times, too hot. The traffic was queuing back as far as the Church Field so I only just managed to get to Union Corner by 8.50am. Adrian and Phil1 were already there and as soon as Ian arrived we were glad to get moving. A good manly turn out at the other place too; Simon, Phil3, Paul, John, Mike2, Keith and Matt Charman. Matt had been given a half-day pass to join us. Sunny but too cold for Poldhu so finally decided on Portreath, at a lively pace.

Service hasn’t been that good at the Atlantic café for a while but with eleven of us this is where we ended up. The one good point is that eleven can fit around the one table. Simon sat at the end of the bench. He said it was because he had to leave early but as his food didn’t turn up last time we were there I think he just wanted to get his order at the top of the list. However, as everyone is busy talking whilst the waitress is trying to write down the orders it is a wonder anyone gets anything, except a stony glare. Though the café was far from busy service was again slow and this time it was Phil3 who had to remind them that his food hadn’t arrived. It could be a wheeze to make sure we all ordered extra drinks. Conversation, other than about the service, was mainly on Robin’s Hour record attempt.

Phil3 had barely finished his meal when we were off, the usual route up through Redruth and Lanner Hill and home. 42 miles for me. Dean

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