Put another Nickel in

It seems that Wednesdays are now going to be wet, so better get used to it. Five of us did our best to become acclimatised this week. There was a lot of discussion on the OGIL WhatsApp group but I was the only one at Union Corner, although Phil1 caught me up before I had gone very far. Phil3, Paul and Mike2 were waiting at the other place. With each of us suitable clothed for the wet start it was going to be a good test of our choice of wet weather jacket. My Night Vision against four Gore-tex models; Phil1 in blue, Mike in Black and the other two forming the Cornish branch of the Gilets Jaunes. It was not going to be a long ride, though it might seem like it, and we agreed on Jenn’s Diner, recommended a few days ago by Keith. Phil3 offered to guide. The lane after the Greek Church is not one I would have chosen on such a day and it really lived up to its name, but takes you down past Kennel Vale Mill and the “cage” over the river. Phil3 thought this was called “Hampster Mill” but I think it is the pumped inlet to Stithians Reservoir. Perhaps someone could clarify. Whatever it is we watched the paddle wheel seemingly defy the laws of nature by turning against the flow. On up to Tubbon Hill and across around the back of Stithians, we eventually, this was meant to be a short ride, eventually came out at the top of Lanner Hill. It was then a simple downhill through Redruth, past Kresen Kernow, the new Cornwall Archive, across the Tesco roundabouts and into New Portreath Road. Jenn’s is just passed the one way section, just before the viaduct, on the left. The outside looks like a commercial building but inside it really does take on the American theme it advertises. Bright, clean, juke box, and a welcoming smile from the two young waitresses. Though we dripped, and dripped, it was “no problem” and the mop quickly appeared before the flood became too much. Fortunately the seats are leather look- alike so we were not too embarrassed, taking a table near the counter. The menu is good and the prices reasonable. Mike2, went for the American breakfast, of course, pancakes, bacon and syrup. Time now to check the effectiveness of our jackets. Mikes was the only one that could be said to have really passed the test, damp patches on each of the rest of us, though Phil1 said his was sweat.

We stayed as long as we dared, it was just less than the hour, but it was still raining heavily when we left. Back through Redruth and up to Lanner Hill again then the direct line back to Stithians and via Deaf Cat Ally to Longdowns. Phil3 and Mike dropped off at the Argal crossroads and the Paul, Phil1 and I continued through to Falmouth. 32 miles and a hot shower for me.


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