The not so dirty dozen

It being dry January there was a sizeable number of OGIL out today, though only Ian and Adrian at Union Corner, though Phil1 turned up later. Arriving at the other place I was immediately introduced to Dean3, if you count the one who can’t spell, who informed me that I was the oldest Dean he had ever met. How to win friends and influence people! However, I was pleased to see the return of Nigel, on his electric Toy bike. Fred had already decided the destination, Portreath, so I suggested the Canteen at St Agnes instead. He seemed happy with this until I turned left at Longdowns, to meet up with Jan at Crane Garage, rather than right. He didn’t grumble, much, but it could have been down hill from then on except, of course, this is Cornwall and a few hills were experienced before the morning was out. Regrouping somewhere along the way questions arose about just where the Canteen was. At this point Jan informed us that the Canteen didn’t do eggs or bacon. Unlike with the UK Government a Plan B was soon sorted; revert to original destination, or at least Porthtowan.

There were 12 of us so two tables were required. I chose the short straw, the one with Fred, Paul and Keith, where the main topic of conversation was skiing. There was a lot of laughter coming from the other table. It seemed a lot longer than 55 minutes before we were off again, up the valley to Scorrier and across to Lanner Hill as usual, but at a lively pace. Simon turned off just afterwards, followed by Paul, and we pressed on, choosing the hill up to Carnkie rather than through Stithians. There was the usual parting of ways between the Penryn bunch and the Halvasso team at Crane Garage and Dean3 and Phil3 turned off at Argal crossroads. 42 miles for me and it was good not having to hose down the bike before putting it away. Dean, the elder.

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