Kath’s gone Home

Kath had suggested that there was 50% of rain today. Ah, I thought a 50% chance that the bucket in my garden would be half full of lovely rainwater when I get back, enough to wash off my bike before it is tucked up in the shed.

The continual delays along Traffic Light Lane meant I was a little late arriving at Union Corner. Had Kath’s forecast put off those who normally congregate here or had they already departed for the other place. Mystic Meg said that it was 9.11 when I arrived at the turn, and again, no one there, and no telltale tracks on the wet road. Surely, at least Mike and Phil3 would be out; it was hardly raining at that point. Checking Whatsapp, to see if a message had been left on the OGIL group, I saw one from Kath. Having run out of excuses she posted that she was at Union Corner. “I’m at Halvasso turn, I’ll wait” I responded before phoning Phil3. The others were not far ahead, and Kath was with them. Much confused I set off to catch them up, at Kessel Quarry. With the weather forecast dominating their thoughts Miss Molly’s had been chosen as our destination, and as the rain became heavier we set off, with my thoughts on what is the quickest route. Just before Nine Maidens Kath suddenly thought of a reasonable excuse and turned for home. In Bolenowe the majority decision was “straight on”, to Troon but sense prevailed and we continued through to Camborne. We didn’t stop, it was Wednesday, and it was an early arrival at Miss Molly’s and it had stopped raining. Ian had gone on before us and sat guard over the table by the window. We could keep a careful eye on the weather.
The food was good, the waitresses were attentive, Kathy Kirby was shouting from the highest hill, the conversation did not include either sailing or skiing, not even the exploits of fellow Wheelers somewhere in Europe.
We had to sit there for quite a while before it started to rain again and we could go, but time was well spent, with second coffees and stroking Miss Molly’s pussy. Bootiful.

Not much to say about the way back, through Brea village, St Euny Church etc. No one fell off, it rained until we were nearly home, and if I could remember where I put Mr Garmin I could tell you exactly how far we went, but about 33 mile. Dean (with contributions by Kath, Simon, Ian, Mike2, Phil3 and Paul).

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