Once upon a time, long, long ago

Promises of a mild week brought forth thoughts of Spring and a visit to the Cabin at Perranuthnoe, and a sizeable turn out for the OGIL ride. Even Kath could not resist it. Simon, having now entered the world of technology, had already sent his apologies via the OGIL WhatsApp group but the majority of the regulars turned out, even if a little late. The weather wasn’t exactly as good as promised, bit like Brexit, but we made our way down, figuratively speaking, the spine, with Ian having company at the front in the guise of Dean (the Younger). Nigel, on his derny bike, led the second wave, at times- mostly on an uphill section.

Plenty of room in the Cabin though we spread over 3 tables and looked out over a quite stormy sea whilst we enjoyed our breakfast. Fred suggested I should have sat on one of the other two tables, Phils1&3, Paul and Dean2, Ian, Kath and Jan, if I wanted to record moments of great wit and wisdom, though didn’t say which. 

Repeating our last visit to Perranuthnoe the route home took us across to Leedstown before turning right, to Praze and homewards. There was a bit of dawdling but we regrouped at Praze and all took a left hand turn by the school, rather than straight on, past the Cargenwen reservoir and up to Black Rock. There was some debate about which was the steeper climb.

44 miles for me. Dean

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