Three men and Freya

With yellow weather warnings, strong winds and rain in the air it was not surprising that today’s turn-out was low. However, three diehards (Robin, Dean & Danny) were not to be deterred and after a brief discussion set off just after 9. “Portreath” said Robin and the only discussion was about which café should have our trade.

Following the usual route through Bissoe, Blackwater and Mawla the error of our destination gradually dawned and the realisation that we were riding downwind and weren’t super fit was met with a groan and much talk about alternative destinations! Too late for a change though and we arrived at the Atlantic café to be met by another shower and big seas. Dean’s concerns about slow service came to fruition, but flattering the management about the new tables and chairs seemed to do the trick and we were soon tucking into sandwiches and eggs on toast.

The journey home was always going to be emotional and started with a change of inner tube in an occupied bus shelter on the sea front!  The delay in setting off gave us time to persuade Robin that we should go back through Redruth rather than up the hill and we set off into a block head wind and in heavy rain.  Accompanied by head and side winds all the way to Halvaso, we expended considerable energy keeping on the road, upright and generally going in the right direction, but were rewarded with a strengthening South Westerly on our backs that took us to Union Corner celebrating our achievements and survival!

On a day that was more about safety than speed or distance we managed 38 miles and had taken storm Freya on, and survived!



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