Back to the Cornish Hills

With fine weather ahead we had to decide whether it was a Poldhu, Perranuthnoe or Gwithian day.  It turned out to be a Perranuthnoe day. (Great choice). Dean,Adrian,Colin, myself and Nigel met at Union Corner later to be chased down by Ian who caught us at the other meeting place where Simon, Phil S, Mike and Trevarno Dave were waiting.  We picked Jan up at Crane Garage on her new bike where we experienced a little road rage. Oh, it was only Trevor on his way to somewhere.  I think the lady in the house opposite was a little surprised at the amount of shouting that took place.  All in good fun though.  The route of ‘down the middle’ was decided and off we went with a massive tail wind to assist us.  I just thought it was my Mallorca legs that were helping me along.  It was lovely to be back riding our delightful Cornish lanes again though I wish we could take a leaf out of the Mallorcan road surfacers and make them like theirs.  It was a delight to ride on smooth tarmac for virtually the whole time we were away I must say.  Now, my sense of direction or route finding is not the best so I could just make up where we went or try and find out but wherever it was it was a good route.  Not too challenging and quite quick.  Dean had to get back as he had lots to do so we pushed on.  I went via my friends house in Goldsithney to see if they had moved in but they hadn’t.  There looks to be plenty to do before they will be in.  The one builder on site with his cup of tea thought it would not be ready until June, not sure which June though.  The usual Tea, Toast, Eggs, Scrambled and Fried along with Coffee and Cake were bought and consumed.  I picked up a little leaflet that asked us to look at the Planning Application that the beach café have submitted.  They are looking to make the café a little larger to give them more seating space and a larger kitchen area.  They will also have some customer toilets installed which will be a great bonus.  There were two tables so I’m not sure what the other table discussed but we spoke a lot about our trip to Mallorca and also the great level of accommodation that we had.  Jan and I stayed both in the Villa and then a hotel in Alcudia, near to the start of the Iron Man, both of which we gave 10 out of 10 to.  Where to next year I wonder.  It was back eventually to Black Rock where Simon and Jan left us.  We carried on, skirting Stithians lake, up the hill to the top and back past Jim’s old house and back home with the tail wind that had now changed to a very nasty headwind making progress a bit challenging so I was pleased that my legs had benefitted from their trip to Mallorca.

Strava managed to let me down again so I’m not sure of the miles but somewhere around 35-40 I should imagine.


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  1. Just for the record – the 0930 Wednesday ride – slower OGILS ? – also had an excellent outing today; Red Leader Trevor, Karen, Eddie, KK and myself rode over the Portreath where we met up with Don G, Keith and Terry and others – sorry, can’t remember the names. We enjoyed great food, good coffee and tea, and quick service at the little cafe on the beach, then had a good return ride via Redruth, Lanner and Stithians. 36 miles, and a fantastic effort by KK who was on his bike again for the first time in 19 months! Well done, and keep it up! Liz

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