A perfect day for it

For a change it was a perfect day for a ride – no wind, no rain but warm sunshine. Five of us met at Union Corner – Nigel, John (sporting an interesting rear view mirror attached to his spectacles) , Ian and myself and good to see Phil again on a Wednesday. Then off to the Halvasso turn to be greeted by the other Phil, Mike and Dave. As is often the case when the sun shines Poldu was agreed as our destination. We took an even more circuitous route to Gweek than usual thanks to Ian, making a large sweep towards Trevenen from Brill. The hedgerows must be at their peak at the moment – bursting with wild flowers and grasses and what a joy it is to ride through parts of Cornwall that I would never otherwise discover. One of my favourite routes is the turn up Gweek Drive which follows the creek and then up through the stunning wooded valley to Mawgan. Today was no disappointment shafts of sunlight shone through the fresh green leaves. And a little added frisson came from a loan cyclist who was successfully reeled in with Ian and Mike at the tête de la course! Then on through the Trelowarren Estate and over the Downs to Mullion and Poldu. And there we were enjoying the chat and the coffee, when a horse and rider appeared obviously intent on a coffee stop as well. Once the task of writing this report had been firmly delegated Phil lept up to display his ‘horse’ whispering skills, which involved a wide ranging conversation from e bikes, e horses, to cycling from Helston or Lizard or Lands End to John O’Groats. After a few 2nd coffees we eventually tore ourselves away to face the much feared Poldu Hill. Of course, if we hadn’t stopped and loaded up with bacon and egg baps and toffee cake just beforehand it probably would have passed with little comment! So, onwards onto the inevitable and tediously busy A3083 round the airbase to Helston and back towards Falmouth through Wendron, Porkellis and Carnkie keeping off the A39 until Crane garage. Here we split – Nigel, Ian and John braving the main road and the rest of us returning down the lane through Halvasso.
A fine morning, thanks to you all – I did just 49.11 miles.


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