If you haven’t had your Phil of OGIL ride reports this week, here’s another

Oh, I like to go a wandering!

The reasons for not riding today started to arrive the previous evening on WhatsApp.  One couldn’t find her legs due to over indulgence the night before, well it was her birthday!

Meeting at Union Corner were Nigel, Adrian, Frankie, Ian and I.  Due to general chit chat about those who weren’t coming we left 5 minuets late. Sorry Dean.

At Halvasso turn waiting were Phil , Mike, Keith and Andrew. The weather was cold overcast with showers forecast somewhere in Cornwall, so it was decided to go to Miss Molly’s. Message sent to Jan who was going to wait at Crane Garage.  I should mention at this point that Ian was leading and Nigel was struggling on the hills as his electric steed was in for a service.

Out to Stithians where we turned right at the Church and then first left. At the top instead of heading left to Penhalvean we went right.

On to Trethellan Water and finally down hill to the Copice at Lanner, then out to Trevarth and Carharrick where we turned left to follow the start of the Ed’s Mince Pie Audax to the Star Inn. Here it was a left up the lovely hill to Busveal and past Gwennap Pit before emerging above Redruth. From here we got strung out as we cycled into Redruth and left into Trewirgie road. Instead of carrying on to the cycle path it was left up past St. Euny Church, I thought I was on my way home at this point.

Next to Carnkie, Piece and Tresilard before finally turning to Brea and Miss Molly’s.

The usual room was having a makeover so we were directed into the parlour, usually reserved for special guests, but this was an exception. Service was provided by a lovely lady with an equally lovely accent. Usual banter, food and chat were finally overtaken by the need to return home. Ian was not yet finished!

We retraced our route up passed King Edward Mine and through Troon and another hill and Nine Maidens  where Jan left us. We naively thought we were back on our usual route home, no Ian had other ideas! We carried on past the Carnmenellis turn and took the next left, another lane I hadn’t been down, finally ending up in Porlellis. At last it was home from here, leaving some at Crane and some more at Argal crossroads.

An inspiring route from Ian and 38 miles.

Phil 1

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