Going down Poldhu Hill, coming up.

What a glorious day to go OGILing; not a cloud in the sky and warm from the start. I expected a good turn out and was not disappointed, 12 in total. Adrian, Martyn, Paul, Phil1, Nigel, Ian, myself and Georgie from Union Corner, well outnumbering those waiting at Halvasso turn; Simon, Phil3, Keith and Andrew. It was a toss up, Poldhu or the Jam Pot and Poldhu won, but with a little twist to the route. Down to Gweek, via both four mile hill and Gweek garage Hill, then up the usual way through Trellowarren to Cury. We were very surprised to see the same woman on a horse twice; at Gweek and at Trellowaren gate. The horse was just walking so how she managed to get in front of us again, I don’t know. Simon suggested it was Pegasus. From Cury we turned left to bring us down Poldhu hill past the golf course and into Poldhu. It’s a much better view across the bay as you come down, rather than the back end of struggling OGIL going up.

There were surprisingly few people on the beach and we had a choice of tables.

It’s a longer but less strenuous hill coming back, up through Mullion and out to Goonhilly, where relay fever took hold. Of course this route brought us back to Gweek again and part way up four mile hill, before dropping back down to Brill. Nigel has worn out his electric bike so was back on his trusty pedal bike again so enjoyed both the hills and the sprinting.

Andrew and Phil3 stopped off at the Waymarker for a beverage, and I think was joined by Ian and Simon. No doubt Mike2, who was treating his wife to a birthday lunch there was pleased to see them. Georgie had been muttering dirty words for most of the way back –“I’ve got to work this afternoon” but we were still sad to see her eventually press on ahead. 42 miles for me. Dean.

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