Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat!

A flurry of messages on the WhatsApp group, together with a phone call just as I was starting out, meant that I was 5 minutes late arriving at Union Corner and didn’t catch up any time on the way over to Halvasso turn. It was drizzling and Mystic Meg did not promise any improvement, well it is Falmouth Air Display day, and with the number of excuses already received I was surprised that there were 6 OGIL at the other place; Fred, Keith, Mike2, Paul, Phil 3 and Cub reporter, Colin. Surprised both by the number and the fact they had waited for me. Clearly there was no great enthusiasm for getting on. Destination Helston Boating Lake, via Crane garage, to collect Jan. Fred took us on a short route, out to Releath, where we turned left at This Dog Bites Cottage, across to the Helston Railway base at Prospidnick and skirting around the back of the Trevarno Estate before coming out on the Helston to Penzance Road. At times the rain came on heavier but it had all but cleared by the time we had arrived at the café. It was easy to arrange the tables to accommodate the 8 of us and appropriately, as it was his birthday, Keith sat at the head of the table. A rendition of “Happy Birthday to Keith” gained the attention of the waitresses, who congratulated Keith on being 24, again, and gave us all a piece of cake, and a little present for Keith, The Bill. It was thus a two coffee and two cake stop over, but even so we were on our way home again just after 11.30. The rain had started again and we didn’t want to miss any of it. Fred suggested another short route home, up to Sainsbury’s and down through Penboa. By way of a winding, hilly, path we, surprisingly, came out back on the Gweek road giving Fred a short cut home. Just 32 miles for me. Dean

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