Nought to Culdrose in 26 minutes – OGIL ride 21.08.19

It must have been the promise of a rare dry day that brought everyone out, and we had to use two sets of fingers to count the 16 that assembled at the Halvasso turn. The usual lively debate about destination ensued, interspersed with conversation on other irrelevant topics that prolonged the decision making process. After dismissing most of West Cornwall on the grounds that someone or other had been there in the last six weeks, a sort of consensus settled on the Lizard, and off we went before anyone could dissent in the direction of Gweek. A nice civilised ride for the most part, but with an attempt at the Wheeler’s KOM up to the war memorial at the top of Gweek Drive, and the usual time trial across the Goonhilly Downs (despite an attempt to sabotage it with a dummy right turn). We stopped for a well-earned coffee/breakfast/cake (or some combination of all three) at the surprisingly quiet Regent Cafe in the Lizard.

We left the cafe, energy stores suitably replenished, to cries of “Straight to Helston”. The cries were presumably not loud enough, as a contingent decided to add some miles by diverting to Poldhu. Or they may have been unsatisfied with the slow bicycle race that was the main group, with the speed frequently dipping below 35kph. However, we regrouped at the roundabout by the first stretch of Culdrose barbed wire, which gave the main group a not wholly unwelcome breather before having to set off again when the touring group eventually turned up. Past Culdrose and around Helston took us to the ever popular Muddy Lane, and on to Wendron, where we turned right at the school. The short stretch of A394 was also quiet considering the time of year, and gave us an opportunity to observe progress on the work being undertaken to convert the East Wheal Lovell engine house, but it was still a relief to turn off and ride up past the Wendron United ground. At the junction just after we said goodbye to Jan and hello to Fred, who had paced back a couple (names withheld for obvious reasons) that had had to attend to a mechanical back in Helston. Is it actually faster to come from Wendron via Porkellis and Carnkie, or were these three super-human in their efforts to catch us up? Further research is needed on this question.

Riders continued to peel off at Herniss, the Halvasso turn and the Argal crossroads, with a mere six of us continuing to Union Corner, where once again we went our own merry ways, although Phil S was last seen attempting to pedal at 150 rpm around the roundabout with his chain hanging on the road. No doubt we all arrived safely home, eventually.

A total of 81km for me, with a mere 940m of vertical ascent (anything less than 1,000m counts as a flat ride around here, apparently).

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