July meeting Part 2

Well, I’m not quite sure what happened last week but I managed to put the meeting out a week early. The advantage to that is that you get another meeting this week and it gives me a chance to add anything that I had forgotten last week.
I forgot to mention the Polpear Cafe on the Lizard on our ‘getting it right list’ Liz went recently and said that they were welcomed as special guests. Liz says that they have all the safeguards in place including temperature checks. Another great cafe to add to the list.
I have had an email regarding the Penryn-Falmouth cycle commuter route study. Below is the background and there are a total of 9 Pages.  I am happy to forward the email to anyone if they would like to read it all as it is really quite interesting.


Falmouth and Penryn prioritized as one of two potential
cycle demonstration towns/areas in Cornwall (£500k LTP
• Developer contributions funded feasibility on walking and
cycling improvements in Swanvale
• Schemes gearing up for delivery including Boslowick Rd
crossing, Swanvale Green Path, Tregoniggie Woods, Bickland
Water Road)
• Options identified for Draceana Avenue; then
• Conclusions from initial Propensity to Cycle Tool assessment
prompted the need to look at a route based approach
• Engagement with CUC Bike Users Group to identify potential

Moving along to Christmas time, Dean has asked for a show of interest for contributions to the Yearly Magazine which is distributed at the December meeting.  I’m calling it a Magazine this year as it is so much more than a Newsletter.  The content is varied and any contributions big or small will be welcomed. We’ve had recipes, jokes, ride reports, photos and much more.  Completed articles aren’t needed just yet, Dean would just like to know if you are able to offer a contribution.

There is a Radio 4 Woman’s Hour show that was aired on 28th July that Sylvia suggested to me. The show is about Women’s bike saddles and is a really interesting listen.  The show is available on BBC Sounds.  The whole show is a good listen but the first 20 minutes is about Women’s Bike Saddles.


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