A wet and muddy Marathon Sunday

The forecast was looking grim but with 45,000 people participating in the virtual London marathon I thought I ought venture out. If they can get out there so can I. Jan was taking part and her finish line was Portreath so I decided to use my old mountain bike and go down the Bissoe trail. It wasn’t raining for most of the ride on the way there, just a few lovely puddles to ride through. As I arrived at Portreath along with a tremendous headwind there was a huge downpour.  I headed straight for The Hub as I could see some other bikes outside and Robin, Amanda and Ian were warm and dry inside. They were just heading off with a tailwind to push them home.

There were even more bikes outside The Atlantic so I headed in there for coffee number 2. (tea actually). Phil’s 1 and 3, Damien, Dean, Don Morris and new rider Charlie were already there but what was handy was that Damien went to pay for his food and drink and then headed off slowly which meant that I could join the group and not exceed the number 6.  The others left leaving just Dean and I to wait for Jan and her running mates to finish.  We ventured out to see if there was any sign of her and got sand blasted standing in the carpark.  We retreated to the bus stop which did at least stop the blasting but it wasn’t a pleasant day to be out in.  Jan arrived a short while later looking as if she were just about to head out.  How can people look so good after running 26 miles!!  She had had a difficult time on the North Cliffs with the wind actually stopping her in her tracks at one stage but appeared to have had a good run.  Well done to Jan and all who took part on Sunday.

Dean and I then made our way back along the trail and went our separate ways at Scorrier.  The rain really started again round about here and I had a wet and muddy ride back to Devoran where I saw Steve Pond making his way to Mylor.  It was a lot of fun on the mountain bike and I’d forgotten just how much fun it was riding through the puddles and not having any cars to contend with for once.   Only 23 miles but a lot of fun.

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