December meeting

This month was our zoom Christmas party and Awards night.  It is with many thanks to Amanda for her work setting up and promoting this and the other zoom meetings that we have had.  It was Christmas trees, Christmas jumpers and hats along with festive Decorations for this months meeting.  Sadly we are still not in Woodlane where we would have soon been tucking into homemade sausage rolls, quiche, cheeses and all of the other delicious buffet food that Wheelers would have contributed to the table.  In honour of KK’s Christmas raffle I bought along my wrapped raffle prize to the meeting tonight.  It will keep until next year.

Thankfully we are still in tier 1 meaning that our coffee stops can be taken inside in the warm and also we are still able to ride in our groups of 6.  The arranging of groups is working well, thank goodness for WhatsApp.  Sunday rides are well organised too and with Liz starting at 9.30 during the cold, dark winter months this gives another option especially if you are running a bit late or the weather is particularly cold and you fancy a slightly later start to let it warm up a little.

There will be no organised Roasty Ride this year nor the Boxing Day and New Year rides.  Rides can be organised on an individual basis and it may be prudent to check whether the cafe is open though pubs will probably be open. At the meeting Robin and Gill said that they will be ‘open’ if anyone wants to call in on New Years Day though this must be small groups of only 4 or 5 riders.  Coffee will be taken outside the garage where there will be a fire to be warmed by.  Social distancing rules will be in place but it would be nice to call in though not a long stop so as to make space for others that may arrive. Robin and Gill will as usual hold their New Years Day event for charity and this year any donations for the coffee and cake will be for St. Petrocs.  Robin will be posting half hour slots on the Falmouth Wheelers WhatApp group so that spaces can be booked.

It’s a Well Done to the Dream Team of Barbara, Denise and KK for the decorating  of the Wheelers Pavillion Christmas tree.  The tree now has pride of place in my dining room and it’s a delight to see it twinkling away in the corner.  The trees can be viewed on and also on the Falmouth Art Gallery facebook page.  They all look great and I have to say that the A&P entry is pretty impressive.

We have no news regarding the re-opening of Woodlane Social Club and wouldn’t it be great if we could get back in time for the AGM in February, but another reason is that we have the Spoke awards to present.  I have more Spoke awards than there are spokes as there have been so many reasons for awarding the spokes this year but we will overcome this and it would be great to be able to present these in person.

We then had a Christmas quiz which was fun and who knew that Jingle Bells was the first Christmas Carol played in space in 1968.  Most scored 11 points out of a maximum of 13, unless you had named all of Santas reindeers and then you could add on an extra 9 points.

Next followed the awarding of the Achievement and Wow awards.  Using surveyplanet to gather the nominations and to do the voting worked much better than anticipated and there was a good response by members.  The nominations were read out and the very worthy recipient of the Achievement Award was Dean Evans for his Everest Challenge, the production of the fantastic magazine and his involvement in the Falmouth and Penryn cycle campaign.  The next award was the Wow award and again after the nominations were read out it was awarded to another worthy recipient Chris Hosking for his fantastic efforts for delivering prescriptions on his bike during lockdown.  There were two additional awards both from Cycling UK.  One was a Certificate of Appreciation to the Falmouth Wheelers for ‘maintaining morale and serving the community in lockdown through cycling’ and the other was a Thank You specifically for Chris for his work serving the community during lockdown.  The awards will be given to Dean and Chris as soon as possible  and well done to everyone who was nominated and thanks to all who voted.

The meeting was closed but we carried on chatting, discussing Martyn’s fancy hat that Margaret had made, the matching hats of Dean and Simon and Sylvia’s lovely day out walking with a friend.  It was a fun evening and lovely to see all that attended.

Happy Christmas to all of the Falmouth Wheelers

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  1. Well done Kath and Amanda for doing the best to get the meeting up and running, I know I didn’t join in. One criticism, there are a lot of things going through Whatsapp groups, a lot of members do not use Whatsapp, I normally just look in once a day to see if anything new, wouldn’t it be better if messages were passed through the private part of the Website? All members have access to that, it’s what Chris was asked to set it up for.

  2. Hi Adrian. Sorry you couldn’t make it. Maybe next month? As always, the link will be on the website, Facebook and WhatsApp. All previous meetings, formal or social have been promoted using all the platforms available to allow as many member as possible to have access to them. Any issues; give me a call/email/WhatsApp/messenger/text/knockonthedoor and I’ll be happy to help.

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