Club member, but are you adequately covered?


We all like to think we ride carefree but not careless but none the less things happen. Nudging the rear lighting cluster of a Jag is probably the least stressful thing to think about but could still leave you out of pocket money for a few weeks.

Cracked Jag Cluster

A collision with another cyclist or pedestrian or a claim from a motorist that you caused them to swerve and crash could be a lot more life changing in a negative way. Injuries and lost earnings plus legal costs could land you with a huge bill. The national cycling organisation Cycling UK provides cyclists’ liability up to ten million pounds and some British Cycling membership categories up to fifteen million pounds.

Cycling UK has revised its memberships this year, acknowledging that the previous flat rate membership fee excluded many cyclists. The new rates take some account of ability to pay. Full CTC membership gives you third party insurance (that is cyclists’ liability insurance), access to the legal help line, a bimonthly magazine and the warm glow that you are promoting cycling and pushing forward cyclists’ interests with campaigning and lobbying efforts nationally and locally.

Falmouth Wheelers is a Cycling UK affiliated club so you can go for the cheaper Cycling UK affiliated individual membership, giving you just the essential third party insurance. Under the new membership rates this saving certainly isn’t worth it if you are eligible for concessionary or student membership. Personally I think the legal helpline that comes with full membership is well worth having. It isn’t something I want to use but if I do get knocked over by a car or motorbike, a texting pedestrian walks out in front of me, or I’m bitten by a bad dog I would welcome having an experienced legal specialist bark on my behalf.

Cycling UK membership here and British Cycling on Cyclists’ Liability Insurance here.

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  1. It’s reassuring to know I’m covered and that others are too. Cycling UK handled my claim for an accident 4 yrs ago. I’m still waiting for the outcome but it’s good to know they are they for me. I also qualify for a carers concession.

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