Halvasso traffic blight

OGIL ride 19 May 2021

Halvasso traffic
Halvasso traffic

Once the UC lot had got to TOP, we had amassed a heady 13 riders with the same number of bicycles.  Other than one pessimist in longs, and two sitting on the fence in three-quarters, everyone was baring their knees in the expectation of sun or at least a little warmth, although long sleeves and jackets were universal.  Conversation was lively as usual, as though we had not seen each other for months, and in the end in the interests of expediency the Chairman apparently made an executive decision and declared our destination to be Godrevy.  So off we pootled up the lovely quiet lane to Halvasso.  Unfortunately, today everyone and his/her dog seemed to be using the lane as a shortcut, and we were held up on several occasions while vehicles were reversed with varying degrees of competence to allow the traffic to flow.  If only we had access to someone with influence on the Council who could sort this out.

We were all amused to discover that, following some intense bicycle evangelism with the driver of one of the vehicles involved, Amanda had persuaded the driver to abandon her tin box and join us.  By an amazing coincidence she happened to have a bicycle in the back of her car and was wearing cycling kit.  But things were not as they seemed, and the driver turned out to be new-comer Sarah, recently moved down from the Smoke (well, Bromley) who had been looking for us.  Anyway, the newly enlarged and no longer potentially unlucky peleton of 14 re-grouped by the weighbridge.  “Split into two groups of seven” commanded the Chairman, mustering all his authority.  However, a combination of hearing loss and being arithmetically challenged resulted in several groups of varying sizes moving off in a generally random fashion.  At least we weren’t still one big group.

The grouplet I found myself in went out via Nine Maidens, Barripper, Penponds, Coombe and Hell’s Mouth.  Despite groups taking different routes, we all managed to converge on the junction with the North Cliffs Road at roughly the same time.  Probably by this time everyone was eager to get their hands (suitably sanitised) on a sandwich or chunk of cake, as even without instructions we quickly moved off in separate groups, or even singly.  Again, though, the delight of the fast descent to Godrevy was spoilt by slow moving traffic.

The National Trust café did not disappoint with the quality of its food, although it took rather a long time for the food to arrive.  When it did, it was all together in two paper carrier bags, and we were left to fight over the contents.  Inevitably, either someone forgot what they had ordered and just grabbed something they fancied, or the café had got the order wrong, but either way Councilor Dean failed to get his favourite grub.  The café staff were not too keen on making amends, but in the end bowed to Dean’s considerable persuasive charm.

We returned by way of Prosper Hill, Connor Downs, Praze, Four Lanes and Stithians.  We stumbled across Liz, Don and others at the top of Carnkie Hill and briefly formed a formidable crowd, but only Don seemed interested in staying with us back to Falmouth.

With no collisions, mechanicals (bar one chain off) or visits from the P fairy, a pretty uneventful ride, but enjoyable in good company and nice weather for a change.  A tidy 75 km for me.

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  1. Yes, it was a nice surprise to have ‘the other lot’ overtake us and stop for a chat last Wednesday. The four of us – Sonjia, Don, Jane and myself – had been over to Miss Molly’s and thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit inside again, and the friendly, efficient international staff looked after us well…. I had wanted to return home via the Great Flat Lode abut was outvoted, which turned out well or we wouldn’t have all met up. I was very pleased to meet Sarah in person as we had exchanged several emails. Falmouth Wheelers receives about one enquiry every week about how to join the club, and each one gets a friendly reply, but very few people follow it up, so it’s really good when they do!

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