Too many OGIL go to Portreath.

I’ll take up the story at the other place. It was decided that having more OGIL than you could count in one go it was decided that we would split into two groups, each making their own way to Portreath. Ian lead off the first group with the parting words, “you know where Portreath is?” We had a visitor this morning, Sarah J, a friend of Sarah P, who first joined us last week but was not put off. Sarah J heralds from a place called Bromley, believed to be in Kent and thinking that she might not appreciate the pace of the first group, I suggested a slightly shorter, and flatter route, via Bolenowe, Brea, Tucking Mill, Roscear, Roscroggan and Tehidy. I pretended that I was a ride leader and Ironman, phils 1 & 3, Kath, TD, John, and the two Sarahs humoured me. All went well, no mishaps, no one lost, and we zoomed down the hill into Portreath a little earlier than normal and before the faster group. I wondered whether Ian had got them lost but was going to try to make them believe it was all planned. The cafe of choice was The Hub. As we have been forced to sit outside for months it was the obvious choice to sit out side. The Hub has now introduced an order at table system, which only Sarah P was able to master. The rest of us stood in line as normal. However, once ordered we all had to trapse around to the back door, behind the toilets, to collect our orders, and which were delivered even slowly than previously. But it was nice sitting down by the stream away from the road noise. No one noticed the fast group’s arrival down the hill but they were at the Atlantic Cafe when we left and took the obligatory look at the sea. Our route back was as usual, via Bridge and Redruth, Lanner and Stithians. Damien joined us for a while but then went on. Sarah J was surprised about how friendly Redruth folk are when one of them lent out of his car window, I give him the benefit of the doubt that it was his car, and called out “You from Kent?” We slowed to take in the view from Carn Marth and at Penhalvean the decision was left and then straight on, taking in Deaf Cat Alley on way to Longdowns. There was a silent “goodbye Fred” at the other place and we stopped briefly at Argal Xroads to bid farewell to TD and Phil3. Next stop was back at Union Corner, where we all went our own ways. 38 miles for me. Dean

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  1. Hmm! “You from Kent?” – How kindly put I think there might have been just a few bleepety, bleep, beeps! 🥴 All handed with bar cool by the Wheelers. 😊

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