It felt very French but with hills

It’s been a little while since I’ve ridden with the Wheelers on a Sunday, the Wednesday OGIL ride tends to be my day just recently and it was great to see so many at HQ. After a bit of catching up and chat we organised ourselves into 3 groups.  We were off to Crantock with a group of 13 riders and 12 bikes, nice to see Martyn and Margaret. Phil Samuel was off to hunt for NZ Dave’s shoes and Liz, Sonjia and Christine were forming another group.

We set off heading for Truro initially.  It’s always interesting to see how to get to Truro as there are many ways.   We seemed to take a reasonably hilly route and that settled the theme for the day. It was here that Dean left us to return home to be back by Midday.  We followed the old Truro Half Marathon route for a while and then we headed to Zelah with St Newlyn East being the next destination.  A quick 200yards along what initially looked like a busy road soon saw us arrive in St. Newlyn East. It wasn’t a busy road but it was actually a little further than 200 yards.  I don’t know what the problem was Ian!!

Fred and Ian who were leading us managed to find some nice hills just to test our legs out and it really was a day of what goes down goes straight back up again.  We kept to the west of Newquay and rolled into Crantock.  The Jam Jar Kitchen café gave us a very welcoming welcome with a delightful French mademoiselle taking our orders of Pasties, Vegan sausage rolls and a most delightful almond swirly cake with homemade jam layered on the top.  We could well have been in France (apart from the Pasties) with the fancy cakes, great coffee and glorious sunshine.  We can but dream.  I was so taken with the choice that I had both cake and vegan sausage roll, which came home with me.  Martyn had nipped home while Margaret ordered coffee to change their bike which confused Margaret as she was looking for a Grey bike to set off on and found a Green one instead.

After leaving the café we took a trip down to the Bowgie Inn at West Pentire to show Sarah’s friend Andrew the beach at Crantock and then retraced our steps to head back home. It was the more familiar and less hilly route out through Perranporth, along the valley and eventually coming out at Scorrier where John left us here to go via Blackwater. We took the usual way back to Lanner, Stithians, Halvasso and home.  My distance was 60 miles with elevation of just over 5,000 feet and even though it was tempting to go round the Point to make the 62 miles and 100k I decided to take the direct route home to enjoy the sausage roll that I had carried back with me and very welcome it was too. A very enjoyable day out with pretty perfect weather.

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  1. Grey tandem? We’ve not got one in that colour (Shh .. don’t tell Martyn or we’ll be getting one). 😉
    Lovely ride with great company outbound on Joe the BLUE Thorn, doing our best to keep up (sorry for the waits), then back on the Henry the (even heavier) green Thorn at his own pace.

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