Sunday’s mass turnout

Sorry, Zoe, I know I said this mornings ride would be no more than about 45 miles, and Kath said we would be going down the small country lanes, no main roads, but I forgot that Ian is riding his bike with gears again. There were about 300 when I arrived at HQ with more turning up by the minute. Our Chair lept into action to get everyone sorted into, was it seven groups? Some said they were going to the Jam Pot, in fact two groups said they were going to the Jam Pot, we left them to fight over it. We, that means 12, it seems, we’re going to Marazion, though I did have my doubts at times. Some said they would come with us and peel off at some point, a sensible idea. With Robin convalescing Phil4, Amanda and Ian were with us, though I say that in the general sense. My first doubts came as we turned right at £5 Jim’s, towards Stithians and the North coast, but at 4lanes we turned south again, heading for Crowan, regrouping at Black Rock. Here we met Adrian and KK, I don’t know where they were heading, did they? At the main Helston road a left turn would have taken us direct to Leedstown, so we were ordered to turn right as we had to see Praze before Leedstown, where we met Phil3 and two others. That seemed a bit out of the way for the Jam Pot, but who was I to say. On, on, we went, through Relubbus, Goldsithney and eventually Marazion. The earlier plan of going through to the cafe by the station was abandoned as the Chapel Rock cafe seemed quiet, so we soon changed that. 8 of us ate in; Kath, Damien, John and Sarah chose the beach as the sun was threatening to break through. There was a bit of a mutter about the quality of the coffee, but those on my table, Fred, Amanda and Colin order a second so it couldn’t have been too bad. Whilst Colin attempted to finish his vegan breakfast those that were outside came inside, to say they were going outside again and starting for home. Zoe, chose to join them. We did wonder who would be doing the navigation. That left, 1,2,3 …..6 of us to obediently follow Ian across the St Earth, Hayle and the usual route back across to Carnhell Green. Left to Baripper or right to Praze, Praze it is then, and up past the reservoir to Black Rock again, Farms Common and Porkellis. Here I bowed to temptation to join Colin the holiday maker, Phil4, Fred and Ian for a pint, but that was the limit to my temptation. I got home just before 5, but the forecast showers hadn’t materialised and the afternoon ended in sun. 55 miles for m. Dean.

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  1. KK and I knew where we were going not sure about every one else, we let all the groups go before us and we managed to pass them all on the road.

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