Anyone for Porthleven?

It was raining when I arrived at HQ, with the resultant low turn out, but Sarah, with her vast experience of Cornish weather declared that it would be “clear by 10”, and she was bloody well right! But for the start it was mizzling and a bit more. After admiring Kiwi Dave’s new bike, nice colour, just one ride, of eleven, set off with a destination of Porthleven, Ian, for once, taking the lead. According to Amanda the road through Budock was a bit complicated so off to Union Corner we went. As instructed by Chief Engineer at Cormac, I slowed down at the Argal crossroads but the driver of the only vehicle at the junction had seen us coming and had decided not to play skittles. Preempting Simon’s talk at the club on Thursday (7.45pm at Wood Lane) Ian instructed us in the etiquette of cycling up to Crane Garage. A few listened and a few took notice. Now, I wasn’t expecting to be writing this report so I hadn’t particularly noticed where we were going but Mr Garmin has reminded me. We turned left at the Star Inn out to Poldark Mine, with another left, breaking into smaller groups for the dash along the main road to Helston Golf Club and the right turn down to Farms Common, via Helston Railway HQ and a right turn taking us to Nancegollan. I was as out of breath at this point as you now are having read that long sentence. Approaching from this direction seemed to confuse Amanda for a while but with patient instruction from Ian she was able to carry on. We were even given a choice, of continuing on to Godolphin Cross or taking the left turn we would soon be upon for a shorter route through Breage. But it was not the route we have previously taken. A suggestion from TD of a better way was dismissed, as was TD, to his place at the back of the ride, and it was not until we arrived at Trevena Cross Nursery that TD tried again, suggesting a rough track rather than the main road. There was a little discussion whilst Damien put some air into one of his tubules tyres but just three took the main road, Ian, Amanda and Damien, with the majority going for a bit of rough. With nothing broken we emerged at Ashton to rejoin the short cutters for the long sweep down into Porthleven. The sun was out and two outside tables beckoned.
Thirsts quenched and appetites satisfied it was time for the depart. I joined Don and Sonjia in wimping out from the cobbles, meeting up at the top of the town. Penrose was busy and I was forced to stop twice, to talk to folk I knew, but the others waited for me at the gate.
Amanda and Ian chose not to check whether Muddy lane was living up to its name and joined us again at Wendron School.
I think we kept pretty much together after that, until Ian left us at Crane Garage and the rest of us returned via Halvasso. 41 miles for me. Dean
Other parts played by Phils 1& 3.

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