LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! …..The OGILs rode on

Where did we ride today? How did we get to the Godrevy café? Ask any OGIL who was there and I doubt you would get much more than an “..Err….ask me another?”. It was a beautiful day that dawned crisp and sunny. 6 had “booked” their COVIDcompliant slots at TOP and so….9 set off. But Phil 3 soon assured us that he had it on good authority (from CyclingUK) that a group of 15 on the road is now allowed. […] Read More

The short “long” ride down the ages.

I suggested we’d go east this week as I was not long from my sick bed ( serious man flu) so meeting at the “Norway Inn” would give me an easy start to the day. Amanda was on “barista watch” in Somerset and Sylvia preferred slightly more mature company so there were just chaps this week. Charlie in his twenties, Ben in his thirties, Phil 4 in his forties ( now looking a bit “hipster” with some impressive facial growth […] Read More

A tour of Helford and the Lizard

Lying in the sun yesterday it was so hot that I thought that, with another sunny day forecast, it would be okay to wear shorts for today’s ride. I was wrong! When I turned up at HQ I was the only one of the 15 or so cyclists wearing shorts. They had paid better attention to the forecast. Fred set a good pace as we followed the usual route through Budock Water, right after Brill past the Tolmen Stone and […] Read More

Roll up for the Magical mystery tour.

Tuesday evening my phone was a pinging the OGILs whattsapp group were giving it beans. TOP group and UC were filling up fast 6 being the Magic number. Wednesday morning arrived the shorts came out of the drawer and then replaced after looking at outside temperature gauge and reading forecast. Six of us met up at TOP joined by Phil3 who made it seven but kindly offered to join the UC group who were heading for Portreath. We had decided […] Read More

Long ride to Lula Shack

Amanda and Sylvia joined Ian and myself, along with new rider Jack, at the weighbridge Halvasso this Sunday. (Amanda and I had ridden with Jack last year on Day 1 of his LEJOG ride.) We decided on Lula’s in Hayle for coffee and abandoned the normal route via Praze in favour of a more interesting route led by Ian through Crowan, Leedstown and Relubbus and then, via Long Lane, to St Erth. It promised sunshine but the temperature was still […] Read More

Marazion Ride (part 2)

Our first group ride of 2021 all be it abiding by the RULE of SIX. Nine riders met at HQ six male and three female. ( I hope that isn’t considered sexist, can’t tell these days.) Anyway the six chaps agreed to go to Marazion and I do not know the destination of the Gals. It was a beautiful day albeit a bit chilly, we headed over to Baripper onto Carnhell green where Dean the elder left us as he […] Read More

The Marazion Ride, part 1.

With it being the first Sunday ride since lockdown, and with a favourable weather forecast, I expected to see a host of riders queuing up at HQ, and jostling for a place in one of the many rides that would be setting off, in sixes, to various coastal locations. In fact it was gone 9.05, when Dean the younger arrived, that we had a quorum for the one ride and we quickly set off for Marazion, Fred nominally leading from […] Read More

Famous Five [actually Six] ride again


UC OGIL ride Wed 31 March 2021 Hurrah! At last the lockdown restrictions have been eased and the rule of six reintroduced. As soon as it had been announced there was a flurry of WhatsApp activity to book a space on the first OGIL ride. The Union Corner mob consisted of the usual suspects – Dean, Jan, Hot Legs Kath, Phil(1), Sylvia and your correspondent. As we chatted next to the missing telephone box, we were graced with a visit […] Read More

Club member, but are you adequately covered?


We all like to think we ride carefree but not careless but none the less things happen. Nudging the rear lighting cluster of a Jag is probably the least stressful thing to think about but could still leave you out of pocket money for a few weeks. A collision with another cyclist or pedestrian or a claim from a motorist that you caused them to swerve and crash could be a lot more life changing in a negative way. Injuries […] Read More

Bye bye Velovino

As we’re now able to cycle in groups of 6 and get back into socialising outside, I have decided to put a halt to our Velovino evenings. Thank you to everyone who popped in for a drink and a catch up over the last year. I’ve really benefitted from it and I’ve learnt lots about you all – More than I ever expected – too much personal information – pants!! See you on the road. Amanda