Club Ride Formats

Where are we going today……….? 


Long longer ride  fast pace about 80 miles   start  9.00

Long Ride  Steady pace about 60 miles  start  9.00

Intermediates  Steady pace about 35 plus miles  start  9.00

Strollers  Slower Pace about 25 plus miles  start  9.00

Improvers  Slower pace about 20 miles  start  9.00 or 9.30

The mileages  are only suggestions and can be adjusted on the day depending on the strength/weakness of the group. Also improvers could be part of strollers depending on their abilities as new comers are unknown entities as we all were once.


Wednesday Rides

Wednesday morning OGIL rides. Meet at Union Corner at 8.50 and Halvasso turning at around 9.10 – Going to a Cafe for “Brunch” and return to Falmouth. Various distances decided on the day considering weather and group ability.

Wednesday evening Pub Runs, throughout the summer, destination published at the start of each month. 6pm at Falmouth Business Park



Where possible destinations should be publicised prior to date so late comers or on route members can play catch up.

Need a person from each group to plan a route so as to be able to let fellow riders know to avoid persons becoming unaware of their location

Riders in any group should endeavour to look after their comrades! if you are aware someone is behind make sure they follow you at a junction.



To be held roughly once a month on a date trying not to clash with audaxe’s etc and all riders should make an effort to support.

About 25 to 30 miles  slowish pace to allow everybody a chance to ride with all abilities. Pace will be determined by slowest rider and stronger riders should make an effort to encourage and support those struggling.

Route to be as easy as possible with option of those riders wanting more to ride to start and back

Start 10.00    All club members should try and make an effort to support these rides.