Who let the Dogs out

Kath, John, Bernie, Amanda, Emma (the lure of the OGIL ride gets to everyone eventually) and Admiral awaited me at Union Corner on a morning not too dissimilar to Sunday’s Audax, but the wet stuff held off until we got home. Fred, Simon, Mike2, Keith and Phil3, at Halvasso turn, rounded up to the dozen, and with Tehidy on the destination board, and no show from the M&Ms, we were on our way.

I think there was a nominated leader, but it wasn’t clear just who that might be, although we found our way out to Bolenowe, Troon and on towards Baripper, without too much dissent. As we regrouped at Lower Pendarves, Bernie alerted us to what appeared to be a sausage dog, but shorter, running towards us along the side of the, busy, B3303. He went to intercept but at the sight of him the little thing turned and ran off in the other direction. At this rate it was destined to become more of a burger than a sausage so I pedalled in pursuit and to cut off his escape. With the help of a motorist this was successful and the doglet turned once again into the waiting arms of Bernie. He was only bitten the once and fortunately by now a woman from the adjacent lodge appeared and saying she knew who the little blighter belonged to, took over. First Aid was applied to Bernie’s finger and we were onwards again, good deed done. Maybe because of these excellent ride reports the OGIL rides are now becoming well know and as we came outon the Camborne/Connor Downs road we were met by several motor cycle police men who watched for traffic as we circumnavigated the junctions over the A30 before turning down past the Crem and on to Tehidy. Someone suggested that that they were really part of a Royal visit but I can’t believe that just because I had said I was unavailable to visit them on a Wednesday, they would come down to see me. Whatever, fortunately they didn’t see us as I hadn’t got the fox hat with me.

Tehidy was quieter than expected and the weather was sufficient to enable us to sit outside. Although I didn’t recognise the waitress she must have heard of me as I got an extra egg on my bap. Its now Friday so don’t expect me to remember what the conversation consisted of but there were some admiring looks and words said about Emma’s bike before we left.

All good things come to an end, they say, but for some, not soon enough, as Emma, Amanda and Simon shot off ahead, never to been seen again. We took the road into Pool and the cycle track across to St Euny Church, as usual. Back at Penhalvean, Admiral said he wanted to get some extra miles in and he and Fred carried on as we turned down to Stithians. Others left as they do, with just Kath and myself returning to Union Corner, just as the rain started. 41 miles for me.

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