What I had in mind

It was one of those Wednesday mornings that made a ride to Argal café seem attractive. In fact, the Bickland café seemed an attractive destination to propose to the other three OGIL who were waiting at Union Corner. Mystic Meg said that it would rain all morning, and was not far out.

About half way to the other place Kath and Phil1 decided that the rain had just about soaked through to the innermost layer, so it was time to stop and put on the rainwear, in Kath’s case a bright pink affair that did its best to raise the enjoyment level above zero. At the other place four more OGIL, without Fred to muster them, stood and dripped whilst waiting for instructions. Choices offered were Miss Molly’s or the Dewspring Café. Kath chose; it was to be the Dewspring. Last time I said this was at Carnkie but actually it is at Piece. Bernie’s suggested route took us out to Bolenowe, where Phil3 discovered that disc brakes are not infallible,then on to Brea village, and back to St Euny Church along the cycle track. We had come that way on Sunday, on the way back from Marazion, and I had noted the advance warning of a planned road closure, from 24 July. “I must remember to point this out if someone suggested going that way in the next few days”, I thought, the thought quickly disappearing into the recesses of my mind. We have seen many “Road Closed” notices this year but always got through. This will be nothing different. Cormac won’t be working in the rain. “Road Closed”, said the first warning sign. “NO, the road really is closed” said the second. “I’m not joking”, said the third, shortly before we came across the barriers and a deep trench fully across the road surface. “We can just about get across that” suggested Bernie to Mr Cormacman. “No you can’t” was the reply, “but you might be able to get round”, pointing at a muddy path heading off at right angles to the highway. “New Road” thought I. “FFS” replied Mr Garmin, as we bumped over the rocks and gullies, and swamp, that represented the only way forward. Eventually, we came back onto the same road, about 50 yards further on. Success. It was then just a couple of miles to the café, where one of the two women who run the place was looking out of the window, no doubt thinking “We might as well go home. No one is going to be daft enough to come out in this weather. She was too late, we had arrived. With no excuses for repeating myself, do try the Dewspring. It’s a small café, not too out of the way, and a good alternative to Stithians, a very flexible menu, and open from Tuesday to Sunday. About 100 metres from the Countryman, we had taken a slightly longer route than last time, not wanting to get there before the rain stopped.

With wet clothing draped over the, unfortunately cold, fireguard, we were ready for our refreshments. Conversations ranged from updates on the wellbeing of TD and Bryan, both doing well, and the agenda for this weeks club meeting. There was little enthusiasm for leaving but eventually the reality of life called and we ventured back out into the rain. At least it is only a few miles, up to 4 Lanes and across to Stithians. Bernie was the first to depart, then Keith, Paul, Mike 2 and Phil3 with just Phil1, Kath and I returning to Union Corner. I got home just as the rain stopped. Perfect timing and 34 miles for me.


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