Blue Anchor

8 of us at hq but 3 went to Flushing, so only 5 to Helston. Robin and Trevor warming up for the small ride that is the lel, Victor, Jim and his gash and me (Chris H) we set off with the intention of going via Porkellis and Wendron but Robin needed to be back early as he hasnt packed for the weekend yet so went the direct way through Gweek.

Once at Blakner we bumped into some old giffer called Ian. Had a spingo or 2 and met Ian’s “little ones” Harrison and Seth. After some lively banter etc Robin left to pack with Victor as his tow as he had to finish packing. Something about a cut off toothbrush?

On departure Ian, Jim and myself found the allure of the Star too strong so went home the way Jim suggest coming. So here we are. Sat in the Star with a coke.


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